Friday, 13 December 2019

Commenting | Jay-Lee's Blog

LI: to comment feedback on peoples blogs.

This week I have commented on Jay Lees Blog. She blogged about her summer learning journey activity. Her blog about lorde.

Basic Facts Boxes

LI: To learn your basic facts. 

This week for my basic facts boxes I have done the Multiplication task. I have done the speed demon multiplication time tables boxes. I have gotten all of them right in 5m and 27s. 

SSR Selfie | Dawn Raids

LI: To summarise and retell a text.

This week for SSR Selfie I have read a book called Dawn Raids. It is about a samoan half cast Sophia. She s 13 years old and goes through the history of dawn raids.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Maori | Nama

LI: To learn how to say numbers in maori.

This week for maori we have been continuing with numbers. We learnt how to say and understand numbers in maori. e.g Mano is thousand, and miriona is million. In partners we could make our own numbers and write it down on a google doc.

Kiwi Can | Fun Week

This week was our last week of Kiwi Can. This was the "FUN WEEK!". For the fun week we played games the whole session. We did a little recap in the beggining of the session about the things we have done this term. The games we played was Bitty Bitty Bop, Do this do that, Musical Cones, Color Coordination and more games.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Describe a Setting | Danny the champion of the world

LI: To write a setting description of one of the settings in the book.

This week the activity I had chosen to do was describe a setting. For this setting I chose the gypsy caravan and the apple tree next to it. Then using descriptive language and the 5 senses with some help I had made a paragraph describing the setting.

Unit Fractions | Maths

LI: To learn how to find a unit fraction of a set.

To find a unit fraction you must divide the set of object by the number of groups. We continued with fractions and unit fractions. We had done some examples on unit fractions and show fraction of sets. e.g:

My set size is 8. I need to find one half. Halves are 2 equal sized groups, so I divide by 2.
÷ 2 = 4
One half of 8 is 4.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Activity 2: Exploring Our Roots | Teaser Week | Summer Learning Journey

Today to get myself ready for the Summer Learning Journey I am doing the teaser week. This year again Panmure Bridge School is attending the school blogging progamme Summer Learning Journey. This programme helps students from around New Zealand to still keep their blogging skills and literacy skills in the level they need to be or even higher. During my years as a senior this has helped me with my literacy and my learning at school.

For this activity I had to create a pepeha for myself using a pepeha website or a google doc template showed from an example from the Summer Learning Journey Website. A pepeha is like a short description about yourself and where you come from. To create the pepeha I used an online site that helped me and gave me some information about the pepeha. 

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Activity 1: New Zealand Royalty | DAY 1: ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | Teaser Week

Today to get myself ready for the Summer Learning Journey I am doing the teaser week. This year again Panmure Bridge School is attending the school blogging progamme Summer Learning Journey. This programme helps students from around New Zealand to still keep their blogging skills and literacy skills in the level they need to be or even higher. During my years as a senior this has helped me with my literacy and my learning at school. This year the theme was "Change-Makers".

For this activity I had to create an infographic about the famous New Zealand Singer "Lorde". Using an example shown on the Summer Learning Journey site we had to add Lorde's real name and some facts and information about her that can inform people on who she is. An infographic is a graphic that informs and explain something. 

Friday, 6 December 2019

Tongue Twisters | Extras

LI: To make an extra.

This week the extra I have done was the tongue twisters. I done "eleven benevolent elephants eleven benevolent elephants eleven benevolent elephants". I used Flipgrid.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Commenting | Davids Blog

LI: to comment feedback on someones blog.

This week I commented on davids blog. He blogged about his cybersmart. He talked about how to find a legal image.

Basic facts boxes | Multiplication Boxes

LI: To learn your basic facts. 

This week for my basic facts boxes I have done the Multiplication task. I have done the speed demon multiplication time tables boxes. I have gotten all of them right in 5m and 27s. 

Narrative Hook | The cusp of extinction!

LI: To create a hook of the beginning of a narrative.

This week for writing we have started with narratives. Using the character and setting description form last week we are starting on our narratives. We were first focusing on the hook. The hook is the beginning part of the story or the part that draws the readers attention so they would like to read more.With the advice from Mr Ogilvie he suggested that for the hook we should start the beginning from the end or start with an onomatopoeia. An onomatopoeia is words like: "SPLASH!" or "BOOM!".

SSR Selfie | Bollywood Burglary

LI: To summarize and retell a text.

This week I have read the book called " Bollywood Burglary". It is about how Geronimo and his friends take a journey together by helping each other complete a movie in India.

Cybersmart | Legal Images

LI: To find three different ways of finding Legal Images.
Legal Images means an image that is allowed to be used due to public domain. In groups of 2 we made a movie about different ways to find Legal Images. There are three ways: Slow Way, Fast way and Super, Super Fast way.

Tennis | Kiwi Sport

LI: to learn how to play by 1v1 in Tennis.

This week was one of the last weeks of tennis. For tennis we competed against each other on 1v1. After that all the champions and 1 challenger comepeted. The winner out of the yr 6's was Alayah.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Kiwi Can

LI: To learn how to respect others despite their looks or lifestyle.

This week for kiwi can we have been continuing on with respect. With a recap from last week we were talking about differences between each other and that we should respect anybody no matter the circumstance.  For the enigiser we had done mirror mirror.

Days of the week | Maori

LI: To understand and say the maori names of the week.

This week for maori we have been doing days of the week in maori. Using a google doc we sorted out the names in maori that are assimilation names and traditional names. (e.g) if the english name for wednesday is wednesday that the assimilation name would be wenerei, if it were the traditional name it would be "Raapa". The assimiliation names are the names that sound like the word.

Karaka | Time in Maori

LI: To understand the time in maori.

This week for maori we have been learning how to say and understand the time and numbers in maori. Using a clock generator we had gotten images that showed the time so we could understand it. (e.g) if the time in maori said "Hawhe pahi te rima karaka te taima" it would it it was half past five, or 5:30. If the time said "whitu karaka te taima" it would mean it was seven o'clock or shown as, 7:00.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Character Questions | Danny the champion of the world

LI: To create a DLO with 5 questions based on the main characters of the book.

This week the activity I have done was questioning. I have done 5 questions for the mains characters Danny and his Dad. I chose questions that wouldn't be answered in the book. For this week we had to read to the end of the book. I am upto the last chapter.

Maths | Fractions of Sets

LI: To learn how to find the unit fraction of a set. 

This week for maths we have been continuing with our planes. We chose our planes from the book and ripped out the paper and strated folding. The plane I am doing was the sonic star. With my design I only had 5-7 steps. For the learning we have been doing fractions. We started with halves and quaters. We had to find out what a fraction and fraction of sets are. 

Fraction meaning: A fraction is a whole that divided into equal pieces. 

Fraction of sets meaning: A fraction of a set is a whole set of objects divided into equal sized groups of objects. 

We also had to find the unit fraction of a set. To find the unit fraction of a set I must divide the set by the number of groups. 

Friday, 29 November 2019

Just Frame It | Photo Frames

LI: To create a logo and and a name for a company.
This week we have been begginning with photo frames. We have made logos in our groups of three. Our group was called E-frame. Sadly we never had enough votes so the logo we were using was Just frame it. With our logos we had to make sure they were reconizable. We came up with the names for our companies in our groups aswell. With our names we had to make sure that it was not trademarked. Trademarked means when it is not used  by another company. Our names had to be short and reconizable.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Commenting | Sulia's Blog

LI: To give feedback on someone elses blog.

This week I have commented on Sulia's Blog. She blogged about her SSR Selfie. Her book was called Charlie and the chocolate factory.

SSR Selfie

LI: to summarise and retell a text.

This week I have read a book called "Amulet: The cloud searchers". It is about a girl emily and her crew journeys to find the lost city cielis, there they would find the guardian council and tell about the horrible things the elf king has done to the cities.

Basic Facts Boxes

LI: To learn your basic facts.

I had done my Up to 10 speed demon challenge. It took me 3m and 56s to complete it. I had only got one wrong. 

Tennis | Kiwi Sport

LI: To learn how to play a 2v2 game on tennis.

This week we had played 2v2 for tennis. On one side of the net there were the champions and on the other side was the challengers. The ball gets served to the challengers first. The challengers only have 1 chance but the champions has 2. If the ball hits the net, doesn't go over the net, bounces 2 times, or gets out of the square then those people are out but if it was the champions they have another chance. At the end of the session the champions from each side of the court had competed against one another. It was Sione & Makaili vs Andrew and Hosea. The first duo to two points wins. There was a good rally but unfortunately Hosea and Andrew had lost with Sione and Makaili won.

Athletics Day | Interschool Athletics

On the 22nd of November 2019 Panmure Bridge had a school athletics. Students were put into 4 differnts colured teams. Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Each section of the school had stations and games to play. Each game was about 15 minutes each. They also had points for each game. Tamaki College was guiding us for each game. There were about eight stations.

After playing all our eight games we finnaly had a 67m race.


On the 27th of November the annual athletics competition was held at Lloyd Elsmore Park, students from each school of the cluster had entered the athletics interschool. I had entered in shot put and Long Jump.

Quite a few students had made 1st ,2nd or 3rd. At the end of the day we all did well and tried our best.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Writing | Setting Description | Character Description

LI: To investigate ideas of a narrative. 

This week for writing we had started with character descriptions. In our groups we came up with ideas for a setting and characters for a narrative. For the characters all of our groups voted on the one they thought was best. The two characters were Patricia and Jarrell. Using our imagination we came up with character descriptions for them by using the characteristics from the groups. Then we made a setting description. 

Tennis | Kiwi Sport

LI: To learn how to play tennis with 4 people.

This week for kiwisport we had done 4 people tennis. We rallyed one another 2 v 2. We learnt how to serve the tennis ball diagonally to the people on the other side of the net.

Paper Planes | Sonic Star

LI: To use statistical and scientific methods to study the effect of wing span and area on lift.

This week for maths we have studied the flight distance of paper planes from the book " Ultimate Gigantic Paper Planes". The type of plane I did was a dart. The dart I chose was the Sonic Star. In groups of 5-10 we went to the school hall to study the flight distance on the planes. Each person had a job to do.

Coffee Shop | Inquiry

LI: To learn how to run a business.

This week for inquiry we had played a game called coffee shop. For this game we were running a coffee shop, we named it and also had a balance of $30. We bought the ingredients and done the price. Then we sold.  When we were selling people would walk by and there would be bubbles on top of their heads, it would show whether they want to buy your coffee or not. Each day we might need to buy more ingredients. My highest score was $783.16.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Maori | Wiki Ono

LI: to learn how to control a poi and learn how to understand something related to location.
This week in Maori, we learned how to use a poi. A poi is a Maori object that is used to increase flexibility and strength. It is also used as an instrument. The activity that we had done was translate different types of words that describe location. for example: Roto and in English it would mean inside.

Newspaper | Danny the champion of the world

LI: To create a front page of a newspaper poster.

This week I had done a newspaper activity. I used canva for a poster. In the poster the headline is " True or False?". It talks about how Danny and his dad are being accused for stealing Mr Victor Hazel's pheasants. The real question is, is this true or false.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Kiwi Can | Patience

LI: How will you react while being patient.

This week for Kiwi Can we have been working on being patient. We talked about the things that make us impatient and the outcomes of being impatient. We played 2 games based on being patient. From those 2 games I have learnt that the more you are being patient the better the outcome, or you would achieve more and get a reward.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Wingspan | Flight Distance

LI: to use statistical and scientific methods to study the effect of wing span and area on lift.

This week for maths we have been continuing with our paper planes. This week we studied the wing span and how the flight distance would change depending on the wingspan. In our groups we all had done different tasks. One person would measure, another would record the data, one person would throw the planes at the same strength and another person would be the marker of where the plane landed. On the 5th plane there was a difference between all the others. The difference was that comparing that plane to all the others that specific plane never flew as far. It would've been been how the thrower never threw the plane at the same strength or something was wrong with the plane. 

Definitions | Words

LI: To create a DLO listing 10 words and finding the definitions.

This week the activity I had done for reading was, word definitions. The 10 words I had used was Parrafin, Bogus, Grouse, Partridges, Hordes, Mightn't, Hiding, Flabbergasted, Interval, and Inevitable. The word that I used to find a definition that I didn't have any clue about what it meant was Inevitable. To describe and show what the words mean and look like, I added images.

Setting Description | Show and Tell

LI: To describe a setting by using the 5 senses.
This week for writing we have been using the 5 senses to describe a setting. In our writing groups we all chose a setting together and we had to make a show and tell of it using the 5 senses. The 5 senses are hear, touch, taste, see, and smell. Our setting was the skytower. We done the tell as a group and made the show individually. For the tell sentences we had to just write some simple sentences based around the 5 senses, and for the show sentences we had to add figurative language and more descriptive language.

Supply and Demand | Goods and Services | Enterprise and Bussiness

LI: To understand how a business works.

Supply means when you have the amount of the product that is available to sell, and demand means the people and how many people are going to buy your product. This is called Supply and Demand. Without any supply you won't have any demand and without any demand your supply would go to the landfill or be wasted.

This week Mr Ogilvie had brought in a friend of his, her name was Michal. She came to talk about how she made her business and how it was successful. Her business is called "Foodprint". Foodprint is based on selling food half price that was going to be wasted from cafes.

Michal got her inspiration from food waste and how it is creating climate change around the world. When food is being wasted it is taken to landfill which creates a gas called methane. She also talked about how 3 billion pieces of food is being wasted and in 2019 we have the right amount of food to supply 7.5 billion people but about 1 billion people aren't getting enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Michal saw how this was a problem so that is why she created the app foodprint.

There is about 250 food stores that works with foodprint. Also there is 17,401 people using foodprint. She had planned out the app for 2 years and her business has been running for 6 months.

Michal's business it slowly reaching expectation and when she reaches that expectation then she would like to make her business go global not just in NZ, but around the world.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Touch Rugby | Interschools

In the A team we first competed against tamaki primary. We happily won with a score of 3 - nil ( zero ).This week many lucky student got to participate in the interschool touch rugby. It was held at Dunkirk field. There where many different schools that where around the area that came to participate too. Our first game was at field 2a we had to play 8 games. We played against Tamaki primary and won 2 - 0. it was a good game.

Our next game was at the same field we played for the rest of the day. We played against Pt England and tied 2 - 2. Our third game was against Panmure district. We won 3 - 0. Then we played against Glen Brae and won. Many other school too.

Our last game was against another Pt England team. Sadly lost 4 - 0.


LI: to learn the language behind Maori.
This week in Maori we have been learning the language of Maori. Today we have Focused on the word Goodbye and why we ask people Where do you come from. Saying 'Where you come from'. For Maori people it is really important to ask that question because it creates a link with that person. We also learnt about why Maori's use Macrons. Macrons are the line on top of the letter.

Kiwi Can

LI: To learn what are the different types of respectful communications.

This week for Kiwi Can we have been continuing with Respectful communication. Our enigiser was quick maths. We had to partner up with somebody and when Mr Simanu say 3,2,1 go then we need to make out numbers on our hand and the person that can add it the quickest wins. Our activity was called dancing cones. We had to dance to the music that was playing and when it stops we need to grab the cone quick enough if you touch the cone while dancing or when the music is still playing your out. The winner for this was charlize.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Thursday, 7 November 2019


LI: To learn how to volley the ball.

This week for tennis we have learnt how to volley the ball. To volley the ball we need to hit the ball without it touching the ground. Then we had done relays with our partners, my partner was charlize.

Kiwi Can | Respect

LI: To learn how we can show respect by using different types of communication. 

This week for Kiwi can we had been learning about respectful communication. Our enigiser was rock paper scissors shoot. For our activity we had played a game called animal choir. My groups animal was a dog. 


Friday, 1 November 2019

Goods and Services

 LI: to learn what is a business.

This week for inquiry in our groups we have been doing goods and services. Using the companies on the pieces of paper we had sorted out the goods and services. A good is a business that when you buy something they give you something physically in return. A service is when you buy something but you don't get it physically in your hand. We had to sort our the goods and services and label them within our groups. 

Roald Dahl

LI: To research the author.

This week for reading we have been doing novel studies. For novel studies we have been reading roald dahl books. We had also been doing little activities based on the book we have been reading. I have been reading danny and the champion of the world. I have to read up to chapter 9, which I am at chapter 4.

The activity I had done was research the author. I had to create a DLO about the author and some facts about the author. The author of the book was Roald Dahl. I had found some facts about him off sites but I mainly found them on the official roald dahl website.

Figurative Language

LI: To investigate figurative language.
This week for writing we have been doing figurative language. We have been understanding the the types of figurative language and the difference bewteen literal laguage and figurative language. There are  only 5 types of figurative language, they are:

Similie - (pronounced) sih - mih - lee

Metaphor - (prounounced) meh - tah - four

Hyperbole - (prounounced) hi - per - bowl - ee

Personification - (prounounced) per - son - if - ah - cay - tion

Understatement - (prounounced) under - state - ment

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Kiwi Sport | Tennis

LI: To learn how to hold a racket.

This term our kiwisport was tennis. Our coach was Peter, he taught us how to hold a racket depending on whether your right handed or left handed. We also learnt how to hit the tennis ball forehand and backhand.

We started off with a warmup, this warmup was to see how we react. We had to get into partners and one person would hold the ball up and the other person will put their hands out facing down and when the partner with the ball drops the ball they have to react by turning their hands and catching it.

Then we started with throwing and hitting. In our partners one person would under arm the ball over the net and the other person has to hit the ball depending on which side the ball is thrown on, the backhand side or forehand side.  The aim was to hit the ball and throw the ball where the cones were in front of us.

Next we had done some relays. It was hard because we were trying to keep the ball going from side to side. If you aim the racket facing one way then when you hit the ball it will go where the racket is facing. We had to try and hit the ball gently so the other person wouldn't need to keep on running back and forth.

Cybersmart | Illegal and Legal Images

LI: To learn what is Illegal and Legal images are.

This week for cubersmart we had started with Illegal and Legal images. We had to find out what they mean and give examples of them. We also used google slides to record down our research. We found 2 websites that have illegal and legal images shown. To know if an image is legal to use you would find an attribution link with a license. It is the opposite for an illegal image.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


LI: to learn basic words in Te Reo Maori

This week for Maori we had to get back into our group from last week and we had to sit down with Whaia Ode, she told us new words and we learnt how to say how many younger, older brother or sisters we have in Maori. We also had to say the numbers of siblings we have. We then had a task to complete we had to find places in new Zealand and other countries and we had to find the Maori name for it so we had to translate the English name into Maori.
Tenia - Younger
Tuakara - Older
Tungane - Brother
Tuahine - Sister

Kiwi Can | Strengths and Weaknessess

LI: To learn your strengths and weaknesses and what makes us respectful.

This week we only had Mrs Mack. We have been talking about our strengths and weaknessess. Also how we show respect in public and in your home. Our activity was based on leadership and teamwork.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Recounts | Edited Recount

LI: to edit your practise recount.

This week for writing we had wrote another recount but has to be based on winning a sports competition. Mine was about our netball season in the afterschool netball comp. After our first recount we had learnt the marking criterias so we could try and improve on them. We had made an edited recount so we could see how we have improved. We had edited and added things that'll help our recounts get more points on the marking criterias.

Commenting | Peytons Blog

LI: To comment and give feedback on someones blog.

This week for commenting I have commented on Peytons blog. She had blogged about maori.

Companies | Bussiness

LI: To sort out different companies and label them.

This week for inquiry we have been continuing in businesses. We had gotten into groups of 8 and split our groups into groups of 4. We had gotten a deck full of paper  that had companies on them. In our groups of 4 we had to sort them out and label them. We had sorted it out into fashion brands, transports and banks, games, services, miscellaneous, digital companies, tech companies, sport companies, food companies, car brands, and emergency services.

Basic Facts Boxes | Up to 20

LI: To learn your basic facts.

This week I had done the up to 20 basic facts. I had done this in 5m and 24s. I had only gotten 3 incorrect answers.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Novel Study | Bookmarks

LI: to do a novel study on Roald Dahl books.

This week we have been doing novel studies on Roald Dahls books of our choice.

I had chose the book " Danny the champion of the world". It is about a boy who thinks his dad is the most marvellous dad a boy could wish for. His life is happy and peaceful in a gispy caravan. Danny's dad turns him into an engineer, danny loves fixing cars and doing engineer work.

We had to read up to chapters 1-4 or 5. I was the only person who chose danny the champion of the world.  I'm upto chapter 3 page 19. We had also made our own reading book marks.

Orchestra Trip!

LI: To watch and observe how a live orchestra plays.

This week certain people from panmure bridge had gotten the opportunity to watch a live performance orchestra. It was amazing! There were alot of people playing different instruments and there was a conducter, the music sounded fabulous! There were some people doing aerial dances to a story, it was amazing because I have never seen anything like it before. 

Kiwi Can | Respect

LI: To learn how to respect ourselves and find out what is unique about ourselves.

This week for kiwi can we have been continuing with respect and our topic unique. Our catchphrase was " R.E.S.P.E.C.T, find out what is means to me.".


LI: to learn about Te Reo Maori.

This Week in Te reo we had learnt of different ways to greet whanau(Family). For the First activity, we had to watch two videos. In those videos they showed people talking to each other in Maori. The next thing that we had to do was write down the English sentences for the Maori sentences. For the next activity we had to do the same thing but it had to do with a family, for example: 'Ko wai te papa Lisa? The main words that would help us with it was  kuia(Grandmother/old lady), koro(Grandpa/old man), mama(mom), papa(dad)

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

SSR Selfie | Danny the champion of the world

 LI: To retell and summarise a text.

This week I have read a book called " Danny the champion of the world". It is about a boy and his dad, they don't have enough money to live in a proper house so they live in an old gipsy that is big enough just to fit the two of them.

Aerodynamics | Aircrafts

LI: to research. 

This week we had to complete an activity in order to find out our study topic for this terms maths. We did this in groups. The activity we had to do was to find the definition and the function of specific words that related to the topic. The words we had to find definitions and functions for were hints to our topic. Not all words had a function. We had to make a table and do some research on the words. Once we finished finding the definitions and functions, we had to put our prediction at the bottom the google doc and say what we thought the topic was going to be.

There were 21 words in total. We had to divide and conquer to complete the task within a certain time limit. After we discussed the answers we had to say our predictions and specifically state every answer we thought as well as the prediction. We are now studying aircrafts.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Commenting | Hoseas Blog

LI: To comment to give feedback on other peoples blogs.

This week I have commented on Hoseas blog. He had talked about his maths and rounding numbers.

Basic Facts

LI: To learn basic facts

This week I had done my basic facts up to 10. I had done the speed demon challenge. My time was 4 minutes. I enjoyed doing this activity.

SSR Selfie | Germany

LI: To summarise and retell a text.

This week I have read a book called "Fact Finders: Germany". It talks about some of the history of germany and what is some popular things they do. Did you know that that in germany parents give there children a big colorful cone made out of cardboard full of candies and school supplies on first graders first day of school.

Enterprise & Business | Inquiry

LI: To learn what enterprise and business means. 

This week we learned the definitions of Enterprise and Business. Our task was to (in groups of 3) make a slide and list as many companies including information like what that company sells/does, and the price range. My group decided to include extra information instead of having plain space. At first we needed to discuss about what we thought Business and Enterprise meant. On our slide, we included what we thought it meant and what it really means.

< br/> < br/>

Recounts | The day I became a Millionaire | Rubrics

LI: To revise the structure of a recount and reaffirm the marking criteria.

This week was the first session of writing for the term. We had first done a recap about a recount structure. We had some time to remember the marking criterias too for the test we are going to be next week. We had to write an imaginative recount like how we would on the test and it had to be about how we won the lotto and what we would do with the money. After that we had to mark our recounts based on the marking criterias.
The marking criterias are:

Sentence Structure:

I had gave myself 4 for every criteria which equaled up to 28.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Vocab Building | Rap Lyric vs Poetry

LI: To build knowledge of vocabulary, and links words create to the wider world.

This week for reading we have been talking about building vocabulary and linking words to the wider world. In our reading groups we created two google slides, one for vocab building and one for a rap lyric vs poetry verse game. For example a rap lyric or poetic verse, " Now matter how hard it gets, Stick your chest out, Keep your head up and handle it".

Maths | Scategories

LI: To recap the different maths strategies and methods.

This week was our first maths session of the term. We had started off with a game of scategories. Mr Wong would write down area and perimeter equations, adding and subtracting the time, fractions of sets, and adding and subtraction decimals.

We had used our maths books to record the answers. We used different kinds of strategies like:
Repeated addition/subtraction
Place Value
Basic Facts
Rounding and compensating
Written algorithmn
Tidy Numbers

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Maori | Kupu | Nga Atua

LI: to learn how to pronounce maori words.
This week was our first session for moari of the term, we had learnt how to pronounce and understand maori words.In our groups we had to search maori words and find images that relate to the word. If it was the same word, we would have to find the multiple meanings. Thenw e had done another doc that related to the Maori gods and we had to sort out what type of gods they were. 

Kiwi Can

LI: To learn how we can respect ourselves and each other in many different ways.

This was our first session for term 4. We had Mr Latu and new kiwi can leader, Mr Simanu. For this term our theme is going to be Respect. This week we are learning how to respect one another and mainly ourselves.

Tooty Fruity!
For our enegiser we did an activity based on our listening skills and how well we can listen. So Mr Simanu would say some fruits and we had to react to those fruits with the action that they are. Apple is jump forward, orange is jump backwards and banana is turn 80 degrees. We had a challenge. If you didn't do the right action or did it slow you we elimanated. At the end winners were Me, Charlize and Andrew.

Next we talked about what makes us unique and some unique things about ourself. Everybody is different, we have different fingerprints, looks, etc.

1 Lie, 1 Truth
For the activity we had to come up with 1 lie and 1 truth about ourselves. Someone will stand up and say 1 truth and 1 lie about themselves. First it was Mr Simanu, his 1 truth and lie was that he's been bunjy jumping and he was a contemporary/ballet dancer. We had to go to either side of the room and Mr Simanu will choose the group that was right. After Mr Simanu was Mr Ogilvie, his was he can eat a 6 inch long subway in under 30s and he can eat a cheesburger in one bite. The correct answer was he can eat a 6 inch long subway in under 30s. Then Mr Latu chose 3 people from the class to do it.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Tenpin Bowling | Holiday Blogging

LI: To blog about what you have been doing in the holidays.

On Saturday the 5th of October me and my family went to do tenpin bowling in Manukau. My aunt Melefau and my two older cousins Tevita and Vake had just come from Australia to spend the holidays in NZ along with my other aunt, Hepi and her two children Kolianita and Sarah. There also was my sister Fui and my older cousin Pelenaise. My aunty Melefau and her two sons ( Tevita and Vake ) are very competitive so they like to make things as a competition.

Tenpin Bowling Competition!! -
For the tenpin bowling we had competed against each other. The teams were separated into youngest vs oldest. There were two rounds. I was completely lost because I haven't played bowling in a very long time.

We chose our bowling balls that are the right size and weight for us. Than we started the competition, the team with the most points wins. The first round the younger children won but the older kids were saying " that was just a warm up" and " we were just playing around " and stuff like that.

The second round the losers had to massage one the people from the other teams feet for how long they like. Me and my other cousins really didn't want to massage the other teams feet, we tried our best but at the end we lost at 289 points against  356 points. Luckily after we had bought some food everybody was tired and we never massaged their feet.

Hansans Restaurant | Part 3

LI: To blog about what you have been doing in the holidays.

After the virtual reality thing we had left to go out for dinner at Hansans Restaurant in Panmure/Ellerslie. We had went with my aunty Ana and her children Atu and Unaloto. The food was great, we all ate HEAPS and HEAPS of food and ordered HEAPS and HEAPS of food. My favorite food was the Noodle Soup with some chicken pieces on the side. Its was so soupy and delicious. I would definitely go back there some time.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Holiday Blogging | Virtual Reality | Part 2

LI: to blog about the things I've done in the holidays.

After the movies we chose to go to VR Voom in Sylvia Park ( Virtual Reality ). The experience was amazing! There we 2 seats on each side. If two people were watching the same disk than they sat on the 2 seats on one side.

Me and my cousin Kolianita watched the same disk. We chose to do something with heights and a bit like a roller coaster. We chose "The Tower". It was super scary but not terrifying. It was like we were high up in the air in a roller coaster going round and round of a tower and going up and down steep  rails. I felt like I was going to fall and die but I knew it wasn't real.

My mum and my sister Fui had done this sea life disk that was a bit scary, it was with a kraken trying to eat them. My little sister Micaela had chose to do an adventure one with fairies and unicorns and more.

Then we headed back home.

Holiday Blogs | Movies | Part 1

LI: To blog about the things I've done in the holidays.

On Wednesday the 2nd of October, Me, my Mum, my two Sisters and my Cousin went out for the day and spent it at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre . There we went to the Hoyts Cinemas to go and watch "Dora and the Lost City of gold". 

When we had arrived at the cinemas we found out the showing times of the movie we were watching. Then we chose a time that was suitable for us and bought some snacks from Pak'n'save. We only bought a few things then the rest of the stuff we bought from the cinema - 2 bags of MnM's - 1 Pack of pod snickers - 1 packet of RJ's Fabulicious Raspberry Twisters - 1 packet of strawberries and chocolate dipping - Jalapeno flavoured Corn Chips. After that we headed to the cinema to get the popcorn and drinks. 

The Hoyts cinemas at Sylvia Park was packed with a lot of people waiting in line and getting snacks. The ques were very long so we thought we wouldn't make it in time for our movie. Luckily we had entered the cinema at the right time. The cinema was full with almost every seat taken. We enjoyed the movie and especially the snacks. 

Friday, 27 September 2019

Kahoot | History of rugby

LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

In this extra literacy task we could either pick to make a kahoot or an animation based around the rugby world cup and rugby history. e.g Where would the next rugby world cup be held? It was an option to use a true or false question or/and multiple answers on a kahoot. Unfortunately we couldn't make it public because we are students so we just took a screenshot them.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Swimming | Life Jackets

LI: To learn how to stay alive and float in life jackets.

This week was our final swimming session of the term. We had combined groups and wore life jackets. We have been learning about how we could stay alive in the deep sea with groups of people and/or alone.

We first had worn our life jackets and entered the pool safely. We first swam to the the end of the pool. Then we had got into small groups and made a chain with our life jackets. We had to hold someones life jacket where there shoulder is. The person at the end of the chain was helping make everybody move and the other end of the chain was the director who moved around to different places. This was to learn how to stick together in deep water.

Then we had got into small groups, we all huddled each other forming a circle. This helped with keeping everyone warm, if somebody was injured or old they'd go into the middle of the circle so everyone can keep the person old/injured warm and each other.

After that James had told us about HELP. HELP is not just a word it is also an acronym. HELP stands for:

Next we had to dive with our life jackets and touch the bottom of the pool. This was hard but if we put energy and strength into it we'd succeed. We had to dive down with our legs up towards the ceiling and our faces down. My idea was to dive like a mermaid. I had succeeded multiple times but in the start I was clueless.

Last but not least we've done something like pencil dives. We had to put our right hands across our chest to the other side of our life jackets and hold the back of our heads. Then we had to take one big step into the pool and drop.

Finally we all stood in a long line on the rail. Since it was the last day of swimming for the term we jumped off the rails and High Fived one of the swimming instructors.

Time, Past & Future | RWC

LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

In this extra math RWC tasks we have been researching and finding information about the Time, Past & Future for RWC. We had to answer different questions about the time,past & future. e.g When will the 11th RWC will be held? and how old we would be when it is held? Each rugby world cup happens four years after each other. We used a pencil and paper to calculate when they were going to happen.  


Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Rugby Events | Literacy.

 LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

In this literacy task we had to use your literacy and researching skills and find information about the rugby event and write what happened on the day the date of when it happened and what kind of event it was. The three events that we used were RWC 2011, RWC 2015, and RWC 2019 and we found videos about what happened in the event.


Rugby World Cup | Match Making

LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

This week we have been combining all of numeracy and literacy skills to complete multiple tasks about the RWC this year. For this literacy task we had to match a player in the rugby world cup to a position that they play. We had to add pictures to show the players and some facts about the players.  e.g Richie Mcaw played as a flanker in the All Blacks and also was the first ever All Black to reach 100 caps.

Rube Goldberg Machines

LI: To make a working rube goldberg machine by using the 6 simple machines.
Over the past weeks, in groups LS1 had to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. We used the 6 simple machines, wheel and axle, Lever, Pulley , Inclined Plane, Screw and Wedge had to be included in the machines. The challenges were tipping dice out of a cup, hitting a putter, and onning a chromebook. Our scenario was onning a chromebook.

On the last week our group had managed to get the machine finished. We used 4 different types of simple machine, a wheel and axle, pulley, inclined plane and a lever. For the wheel and axle we used a toycar. For the pulley we applied a string from a yo-yo to a window latch. For the inclined plane we had a marble roll down a ramp. We used dominos as the lever.

The most challenging task was creating the machines and trying to apply the 6 simple machines and communicating with our group to know what is going on and how we could help. I'd change the amount of seletape used in our machine.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Places to visit in Japan | Inquiry Task

LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

This week we have been combining all of numeracy and literacy skills to complete multiple tasks about the RWC this year. For this inquiry task we used our researching skills to find out information about 5 different places in Japan. We had to look for some facts about 5 different places in Japan of our choice. We also had to add pictures of the place  with a map showing where it is. With all of this information bout the places in Japan, I'd like to go visit japan someday.

Monday, 23 September 2019

World Time | RWC Challenge

LI: apply inquiry, literacy and numeracy skills to learn about the RWC.

This week we have been combining all of numeracy and literacy skills to complete multiple tasks about the RWC this year. For numeracy we had to use our researching skills to convert the time in Japan to different times zones in the world. We had to convert the different times to AM or PM. AM is also known as anti meridian, PM stands for post meridian. If we had to try find out the time zones in larger countries we had to find out the times in the east coast and west coast. We used a site called " Time converter". We have shown the times in the 24hr clock for some countries.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Commenting | Lukahs Blog

LI: To comment and give feedback on other peoples blog.

This week I have commented on Lukahs blog. He had blogged about his Kiwi can.

SSR Selfie

LI: To summarise and retell a text.

This week I had read a book called a series of unfortunate events book the third. It is about 3 siblings Violet, Klaus and Sunny who are kindhearted children but their lives filled with misfortune and misery.