Friday, 29 March 2019


This week I had commented on sulia's blog. She had been taking about her SSR Selfie.

SSR Selfie 2019

This week I had read a book called the easter story. This book tells the story about Easter. It talks about a story in the bible.

Basic Facts - Division

LI: To learn more division facts.

This week I had been doing basic facts. I had did my division.


This week for Music we had been learnnig about how to do a Duet with your partners. We did a duet to the song called shotgun by george ezra. We did a duet on the xylophones. We had learnt the notes Am,C,G and F. 


LI: To unlock keyword to summarise a text.
LI: To Skim and Scan to find key words

This week for Reading we have been talking about summarising the text. I had to summarise a book called "Turbulence". We had been talking about keywords. We had to find keywords from the text and using it we need to create a summary by using the 5 W's and H. We had to try create the summary about 25 words or less or more.

Then we did another task for Summarising with Mrs Anderson. We were using different text to summarise. We had to summarise articles about how Wellington beaches are smoke free so they can help the people with the big plan in 2025.


LI: To identify the different dimensions in Hauora.

This week we have had another session of Hauora. The 4 walls in hauora is Spiritual, Mental/Emotional, Social and Physical. The maori names for them are Taha Wairua, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Whanau and Taha Tinana. We created two google draws. They had the 4 walls in Hauora. On one google draw we had to sort out sentences in boxes and try put them in where we think they go. Then the other one was about our personal hauora.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Recount Edit

LI: To revise and edit a recount.

This week we had an option write about a memorable Kiwi Can session, A Music session with Whea Ode or a Ki O Rahi session with Coach Shanise. We had to pair up with someone from our group. We had 40 minutes to create a recount about one of the three options. After the 40 minutes we had to share our piece of writing to our partner and they need to try make our recount better even if it is the best. However much changes we had that it how much points we have. If there is any other additional changes it is 1-5 points. My partner was Oscar and out of me and him I won.
 Oscars Points : 24 points - For the amount of changes made

  • 1 point for adding an adverb
  • 2 points for making the word said more interesting

27 points in total


LI: to learn about the class or school using statistics
This week we have been learning about statistics. 
Statistics is analysing numbers from information gathered to answer questions. We had to use statistics by asnwering a question about the school or the school students. This is the question "  Where is the most popular place to sit and rest?", to find the answer we need to:

    1. How do we find the answer? (Do we look for information, ask people, or count things?)
    2. What do we need to measure? (e.g. jump distance, number of votes, or temperature)
    3. What materials do we need to collect and record data? (e.g. Google doc/spreadsheet/form/map/drawing, questions to ask, pictures to show interviewees etc.)

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Kiwi Can

LI: To identify different types of friendships.

This week we had another session of Kiwi Can. Our Theme was positive relationships and our Topic was friendship. Friendship is when you have a tight connection with someone or some people. Friendship is also showing to respect to others and making a connection. 

The energiser for Kiwi Can was called " The Last Man Standing". So we would power walk around the class room and whosoever name the teacher calls out is the tagger. They need to tag was many people as possible and if you get tagged then you need to go sit leaning against the wall in the corner. If you are the tagger you need to stop tagging people when the Kiwi Can leader says freeze. 

The activity was called "secret cards". So we had to get into 5 groups. Each group gets 3 cards each and we need to read them and decide weather it is a good secret or a bad secret. When we have decided we will need to put them either where the good ballon is if it is a good secret or the bad ballon of it is a secret. 

Friday, 22 March 2019

SSR Selfie

This week I have been reading the book Matilda. She is a young girl who reads a lot of books a day. She loves the library. Her parents thinks she should watch TV more and read less books but her teacher thnks she is a Genius.

Basic Facts

LI: To learn basic facts up to 20.

Thsi week I have been practising my up to 20 add and sub facts. I had gotten all of them right.

Summarising | Main Ideas | Key Words

LI: To unlock keywords to summarise a text. 

This week we have been doing summarising and finding keywords in the text.
Summarising is reading a piece of text and getting the key information to make your own sentence
about the text. We had to use a google doc and record down your text and
highlight the W's and the H in the story then try to make a sentence out of 25 words about the story.

Improved Paragraph

LI: To make improvements to a recount.

This week we have been doing another session of trying to make this a very good sentence. We had to add adjectives, nouns and more. We had to add punctuation marks and what we think is boring we change it. We had to make the sentence bring attention to the reader.


This week we had our Cricket Interschool at Colin Maiden Park. In my team was year 5-8 girls. We competed against Stone Fields school and won against them. Then we played against another stonefields team and won against them. Then we played against Stanhope and won against them and then we played against Tamaki Primary and won against them. Then we went into the finals and played against Pt England losing to them coming second place. We had a good time winning those games but sadly we had 10 players and only 2 would need to sit out.

Ki O Rahi

LI: To play the proper game Ki O Rahi

This week was our last session for Ki O Rahi. We played the proper Game Ki O Rahi. We went over how the play. The game first starts off with the Kioma team getting a kicker kicking the Ki to the Kaitiaki in Pawero, and if they do not catch it or not kick properly it is a handover and the taniwha team has to try score by throwing the Ki at the tupu, and to stop that the kaitiaki has to make sure the ki does not touch the tupu. If the Kaitiaki catches the Ki then they throw it out to their team members the kioma team out in Te Au. Kioma scores trys by touching as many Po and they have to try not get ripped by the taniwha team when they touch the po and to score in pawero through te roto. The red team won to the yellow team by two points 20 to 18. 

Hauora | 4 Dimensions

LI: To learn about the 4 stages of having a healthy body Hauora.

This week we have been learning about the 4 dimensions of Hauora. The 4 dimensions are Spiritual, Social, Physical, Mental/ Emotional.

Spiritual - It is what makes you you. It is your self esteem and your beliefs.

Social -  This is your relationships with your friends and family.

Physical - This is taking care of your body making sure you do not eat bad food.

Mental/Emotional -  This is your thoughts and emotions and how you express them.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Place Value

LI: to shift between place values using multiplication.

This week we have been doing place value numbers. We have been talking about making numbers smaller or bigger. By making numbers smaller we have to divide it. To make the numbers bigger we have to multiply it. Dividing the numbers shows that you can have numbers smaller than 1 but bigger than 0.


 ÷  10 = 0.3 

3 x 10 = 30 

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Ki O Rahi

LI: To play the proper game of Ki O Rahi.

This week was our second to last week of Ki O Rahi. We are playing the actual game. The game first starts off with the Kioma team getting a kicker kicking the Ki to the Kaitiaki in Pawero, and if they do not catch it or not kick properly it is a handover and the taniwha team had to try score by throwing the Ki at the tupu, and to stop that the kaitiaki has to make sure the ki does not touch the tupu. If the Kaitiaki catches the Ki then they throw it out to their team members the kioma tem out in Te Au. Kiome scores trys by touching as many Po and they have to try not get ripped by the taniwha team when they touch the po and to score in pawero. We had gotten separated into two teams, one team is the red team andbteh otehr is the yellow team. The red team won 5 to 2.

Cybersmart | How to Create A Blogpost

LI: How to create a good blog post.
This week for cybermsart we had to create a blogpost showing how to make a blogpost and what is needed in a blogpost. In a blog post the vital information you need is:

A title

Learning Intention


What you learnt

How did you learn

What did you use

DLO - Pictures, Videos etc


Learning Intention: To learn how to play the chords to different instruments.
I learnt how to play the notes from a Ukulele to multiple songs like she will be coming round the mountain when she comes and more. Mrs Evans brought a paper sheet for us to copy from and we learned the different songs. We used the ukulele and Whea Ode was writing it up on the board for us to copy the notes and for us to understand what the notes and chords are for the instrument we are using.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Co Operation | Kiwi Can

LI: To co operate with one another.

Co-Operation is when you share your ideas or particapate with your team or group, Positive Relationships is when you make new friends with other people.


This week our enigiser was called  Opposite. Ms Paige had to say something like move forward and we had to do the oppposite of it, If she says hands up we put our hands down. This linked to active listening. I won for the two times we played this.


Next we had our Activity. Our activity was called command and conquer. There were 4 teams. Ther was a leaders each round. So Mrs Mack will say leaders come up and she tells the leader what to tell the group for example if Mrs Mack tell the leaders that the girls have to do 10 star jumps and the boys do 10 sit ups, the leader has to tell the team and the first to finish wins. My group won with 3 points.  This linked to communication and co operation.

Safety Cards

LI: To give some safety rules for digital technologies.

Digital Safety online is like if you have instagram and someone dislikes your post that will go under dangerous situations. We had to type down safe/bad situations on the google doc and rate them out of 1, Safe to 5, Less safe.

Friday, 8 March 2019



LI: To learn how to make a smart password.

This week for commenting I commented on Chisa's Blogpost. She was talking about her and her group making a graph.

SSR Selfie

LI: To summarise and retell a text.

This week I read the book called the BFG. I had to fill our specific information on the SSR selfie slide.

Basic Facts

LI: To learn basic facts up to 20.

Thsi week I have been practising my up to 20 add and sub facts. I had gotten all of them right.

Kioma Role

L.I to learn the role in Ki o rahi.
Kiwi Sport is assigned for our school to be active. In Kiwisport we had played golden child once again. I came in late but I still got to play. I had also got the chance to be guarding the pou and I think I did a really good job. The taniwha only got one hit because I was a really good. Our team won because we got a lot of hits and we got a lot of runs. It was hard to hit the ball on the pou because the guards were really good.

Reading Strategies

LI: To identify the different strategies we use as readers.

This week we leant different reading strategies chosen by ourselves. We had to choose the reading strategies that we need help on the most. We played a GKQ game to see which strategy we are doing. We had to create a poster to each strategy to do plus a google slide. We did this in our reading groups.

Analouge Time

LI: to tell the time on an analogue clock

This week we had to create a poster showing how to tell time on a analouge clock. There is two hands. One is long and thin and the other is short and thick. The long hand is the minute hand and the short hand is the hour hand. It take 60 minutes to move onto the next hour.

KOS | Keeping Ourself Safe

LI: To identify behaviours by other people that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

This week we had our first session of KOS ( Keeping ourself Safe.

Personal Strengths:
Personal Strengths is things that we are good at. I am good at playing netball and I like reading a book most of my spear time.

Emotions and Safe Activities
Sometimes emotions can affect peoples behaviours to make them think differently and do dangerous things. When I get certificates I feel very proud of myself which gives me the feeling to do it again. When my sister takes my stuff I get very angry and I feel like to do something dangerous. Instead of doing dangerous things I can just listen to music or ask my sister to not touch my belongings.

Types of Touch:
There is three main types of touch and they are types of touch that are Touch we like, Touch that hurts, Confusing touch we want to stop. Touch we like is a High five, Touch that hurts is a punch in the face, and a Confusing touch that we want to stop is getting a wedgie.

Safe Situations
 Getting a cuddle from your parents is apart of the safe situation and someone telling you to hop in there car and you do not know them is a dangerous situation.

Sentence Starter

LI: to make a short sentence better.

This week we had to make one sentence better by adding more information. We had done sentence starters to make our writing more better. We had to create a DLO with our sentence starter and how we have made it a better sentence.

Thursday, 7 March 2019


LI: To learn the notes and chords for a Ukelele.

Ukelele's are one of the hardest instruments to play for some people. We had to learn how to play a Ukelele to a different song. We did the notes G, F,C, and A. I also had a freetime with the piano. I plugged in my earphones and played. I had so much fun.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Praise means giving people the encouragement and compliments so they can feel positive and not be put down.


Our enigiser was called Ro-Pa-Sci Tag. Which is (aka) Rock, Paper, Scissors tag. So this game has no winners or losers so we won't feel bad. You have partner and you do rock paper scissors, if you lose you turn around touch the ground and then chase you other partner who is getting a head start when you turn around and touch the ground. If your partner tags you then you can do it again with the same partner or find another partner.


Our activity was called Hit and Run. So two teams one attack and one defend. The attack team kicks the ball and they have to try run across to the other side with out getting tagged by the ball when the defend team throws it at them or tags them. The person who ran to the other side can run back if another person kicked the ball or if the defend team is still trying to get the ball. The goal was to get as many home runs as possible.

How to write a blurb on your bog

Writing a Succinct blurb is important to tell people what we learned. I learned what needs to go into a blurb and more. To learn how to write a blurb we used the CARE awards for an example so we can get an idea of how to make one.

What is vital in a blogpost blurb:

The Labels


What you learned

How you learned

What did you use to learn it.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Ki O rahi | Taniwha role

LI: To learn the taniwha role.

This week we have learnt the taniwha role. There are 2 teams team taniwha and team keoma we were learning the taniwha role. First everyone has to hit the tupu with the key. We had a timer and our first score was 10. Our next score was 19 and then our finial score was 25. We Finlay noticed that we have bet our whole school and one other school. Our second challenge was everyone had to hit the tupu if you've hit it you had to sit in the Te Ao. And our last challenge was when everyone still had to hit the tupu with the Ki while the Kaitiaki was guarding the tupu.