Thursday, 11 April 2019

Commenting | Alayah's Blogpost

LI: To comment on other peoples blog's to give positive feedback.

This week I made a comment on Alayah's blogpost. Her blog was about her Tounge Twisters.

Haiku Poem

LI: To identify the purpose of poems.

This week we have been making our poems. We had to choose what kind of poem we were going to do. There were 4 poems we could choose from. They were: Haiku, Diamante, Limerick and Cinquain. The Poem I had done was a Haiku. We had to create the poem based on an emotion. My emotion was fear.

What is a Haiku Poem?
A Haiku Poem is a Japanese Poetry. Traditionally Haiku's are mostly about seasons ( But you can do anything). In A Haiku Poem there is three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, second line had 7 syllables and the last sentence ends the poem with 5 syllables.

Duffy Assembly

This week PBS had a special guest. His name a Robert Rakete. He had came to talk to us about his passion for books.

Who is Robert Rakete?
Robert Rakete is Radio Speaker on the Breeze, A former dancing with the stars and the brown wiggle on the wiggles. He is one of many people who enjoys reading. When he was growing up he loved reading books.Robert Rakete had grew up in Otara. He was a student at Mayfield Primary School in Otara and his college was Auckland Boys Grammar. His favorite book series while he was growing up was Asterix.

Tounge Twister

LI: To see who say a tounge twister the fastest and the clearest.

This week m tounge twister was " He threw three free throws". It was hard to say it the clearest but I managed. I had did a flipgrid to say it on.

Basic Facts Boxes | Addition up to 5

LI: To learn more of my Basic Facts.

This week I had did my Basic Facts up to 5 Speed Demon.

Imaginative Recount

LI: To write an imaginative recount.

This week for Writing we had been doing the Events and the Ending from TREE for our imaginative recount. TREE is Title, Reveal, Events, and Ending. We were the perspective of little red riding hood. We had to try not make our story like a narrative because our recount is based on a narrative story. In our Events and Ending we added punctuation like: Ellipses, Question Marks, Exclamation Marks, and Speech Marks.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


LI: to learn something about the class or school using statistics.

This week for maths we had been talking about Statistics. Statistics is Analysing gathered information. We had to create a presentation about Statistics. We had to use our Question from two weeks ago. We had created a graph with our data and interpeted the graph. We had to present our presentation in front of the whole group and we had gotten scored for the way we had presented.

Term 1 Kiwi Can Overview

LI: To recap everything we did in Kiwi Can.

Today in Kiwi Can we recapped all of our learning from term 1. Our big theme was Positive Relationships. Our three mouduels were:
- Positive Communication
- Friendship
- Co-operation

We made three groups. Each group talked about the 5 W's and the H about 1 moduel. After we talked as a group, each group shared there ideas back to the class.

This term I have enjoyed learning the new Moduels we learn each week. I had learnt that when you co-operate you are sharing your ideas with your team members. I think I need to be better at Active listening in my classroom and at Kiwi Can.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Vincent John Baird Hall

LI: To research a range of resources to find information.

This week we had created an infographic based on the behind stories of artifacts from WW1 . In this infographic I had to include the 5 W's and the H. I used a range of sites to find this information. I had did an infographic on Vincent John Baird Hall. He was a Corporal in the Military. He was a dux student in his school and also was a teacher. He was serverely wounded on the thigh in Gallipoli.

Friday, 5 April 2019


LI: To comment on other peoples blog's.

This week I had posted a comment on Bella H's SSR Selfie. We had been reading a book called " Dear Dumb Diary" about a 11 yr old middle schooler who had a diary. She promises that everything in her diary is true... atleast as true as it needs to be.

Bella's Blogspot -

Tounge Twisters

LI: To learn how to say different Tounge Twisters.
This week I had been doing Tounge Twister. The Tounge Twister I chose was " She Sells seashells by the seashore.". I had created I Flipgrid showing if I can say it the clearest and the fastest 3 times.


Thsi week for Music we have been learning the chords Am,C,F and G. We had used a xylophone or a Ukele ( If we know the chords). We played them to the song Shot gun.

Ki O Rahi

LI: To identify the roles of Ki O Rahi.

What is Ki O Rahi?
Ki O Rahi is a traditional Maori Sport to stop disputes and violence between tribes back in the day. The story of Ki O Rahi.

Kioma Role
In Ki O Rahi there is two teams. One of the teams are called Kioma. The game first starts off with the Kioma team getting a kicker kicking the Ki to the Kaitiaki in Pawero, and if they do not catch it or not kick properly it is a handover and the taniwha team has to try score by throwing the Ki at the tupu, and to stop that the kaitiaki has to make sure the ki does not touch the tupu. If the Kaitiaki catches the Ki then they throw it out to their team members the kioma team out in Te Au. Kioma scores trys by touching as many Po and they have to try not get ripped by the taniwha team when they touch the po and to score in pawero through te roto.

Taniwha Role
One of the other team is called Taniwha. The Taniwha team has people in te roto the lake and try's to throw the ki at the tupu and the other teams kaitiaki needs to defend. The taniwha team needs to make sure Kioma does not get a try by ripping there tags. 

Infographic | Mother of Empire Badge | The Paisley Family

LI: To research a range of resources to find information.

This week we have been doing Infographics. I had did a infographic on the Paisley family. The Paisley family is known by the Mother of Empire's Badge by Agnes Paisley who wore that badge with pride by sending all of her sons to war. They were Andrew Kerr Paisley, Alexander Paisley and Harold William Paisley. These paisley brothers all joined the war. The infographic shows information about these Paisley brothers and there mother Agnes Paisley. The Mother of empires badge was used for Women who sent there sons to war with pride and honor for there country.

In the Infographic we needed to include the five W's and the H. I will give a big thanks and credit to Walking with the Anzac's and Auckland Museum Cenotaph.

Poetry | Inquiry | Rythm | Rhyme

LI: to identify the purposes of poems.

This week for Inquiry we have been talking about Poems.  Poetry is a type of text that can be made in different ways and shapes. Poetry can also in sound patterns they are Rhythm and Rhyme. We have been learning the different types of Rhythm and Rhyme in poems. The different Rhythm and Rhyme is:

End Rhyme - End rhyme is when you have a piece of text  that has a word at the end of it which rhymes with the next end word of the next sentence.
One two,
 buckle my shoe;
three four,
shut the door;
five six,
pick up sticks;
seven eight,
 lay them straight;
nine ten,
 a big fat hen.

Alliteration - Alliteration is repeating the beginning sounds in a word.
Dragons flew fiercley for five funny hours.

Assonance - Assonance is repeating  the vowel's in text.
e.g Try to light the high tower's fire.

Consonance - Consonance is repeating the other letter's than vowels they are called consonant.
Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse ran up the clock,
The clock struck one,
the mouse ran down,
Hickory Dickory Dock.

We read different types of poems and learnt what kind of poems they were out of Rthym and Rhyme. We had to highlight what think the type of poem it is. It can be more than 1 type. We also had to hightlight the poem to give evidence that it is that type of poem.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Kiwi Can | Infographic

LI: To have different relationships with one another.

This week for Kiwi Can we have been talking about Friendship. We also have been doing positive relationships. Friendship is when you help out each other and when you have a relationship with other people.

Ways to say no:
You can say no in a way when someone says to do something bad youc an say " No that is not good". You can also say no when someone wants to go somewhere where we are not aloud to go to youc an say " Let's try something else". There is ways you can say no in good and bad situations it always doesn't need to be bad situations. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Basic Facts | Up To 10 | Addition

LI: To practise my sub/add.

Thsi week I had did my basic facts. I had did up to 10 addition. I had timed myself and I had gotten 6mins 45 seconds. I need to work on not wasting time going back and fixing my mistakes.

Recount | TREE | Plan

LI: To write an imaginative recount.

This week we had been doing another session on recounts. We were looking at Imaginative recounts. We had to do an imaginative about Little red riding hood. We had to work on the reveal on TREE. We also had to plan out the Title and plan the Reveal also the Events. We had to be a character either Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf. We had to buddy up with someone to finish the task. I worked with Charlize. We used both of our ideas to create the Reveal for our recount.

Statistics | Cleaning Data

LI: to learn something about the class or school using statistics.

This week we had to clean our data from our survey. The survey was about your favorite place to sit and rest in the school. We had to record down the answers and make sure there is no double ups with the people who answered our survey. We had to clean it out by deleting the double ups.