Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Setting Description

LI:To write a setting description.This week we had to use our 5 senses to create a Setting Description for show don't tell.We had to work with our Teacher first and pick a setting my group picked this setting.After that we had to describe what it looked like using the 5 senses.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Waste Games

LI:We were learning about waste and different types of waste in earth.I learnt that any types of Fruit that you throw away is Organic waste but if it is Contaminated you can’t put it in the Organic waste bin be cause it is going to pollute it.I learnt this by using a site that my teacher has put up for my class and we tap on it and it takes us to this game.My teacher put up 2 different types of games.1 you need to sort the garbage in which bin when the rubbish is falling down from this pipe that connects with the school rubbish.You need to swipe the bins side to side so when the rubbish falls down it goes in the right Bin.The other game was when you need to swipe rubbish from a pile of rubbish in the correct bin or the bin will get polluted and you won’t get any money.The sites are,Recycling,Garbage Dreams.

Character Decsription

Li:What is a character description? I learnt that a simile has like or as in it.I learnt this by copying a poster like this from our teacher but the one my teacher made it had marge from the Simpsons on it.We had to find a photo from our Interesting Characters and People and put it on here and write some facts about your character.  One idea is the literal one and the other is the figurative language.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Measurement Recording

LI:To measure lengths using non- standards measurements.I learnt that 1d can only be measured one way and 2d 2 way's,3d 3 way's.I learnt this by making our own ruler out of paper using any object and measure any object I measured a Table with my ruler by depth.

Waste Management

LI:We had to answer to these questions on top where it say's What is waste? Plus all the other sentences on top.First we had to get in a group of any number that includes a yr 4,yr 5 and a year 6.I worked with my sister and my friend and another person.We had to go on this site that our teacher's put up for us and read what is on there.There was 3 folders full of info in them i picked the very last one and the others in my group
pick the 2nd and the 3rd.The other person in our group worked with me on mine.

Waste Sorting

LI:To learn the amount of each waste we produce.I learnt That Organic waste is food scraps.I learnt this by going on a site that our teachers put up for us to read.We had to go in a group and click one information box each i chose Sources of waste.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The duel-The inventors awaken

LI:This week we were learning to identify parts of a narrative.By doing that we had to read this story and retell it in this story web.First we had to do orientation then,problem,events,resolution and ending.

The goose and the golden egg

LI:To Identify parts of a narrative.This week i learnt how to use story web.First we had to read this story and retell it in this story web and when we were finish we had to blog it.

QAR-The duel -the inventors awaken

LI:This week we had to  read this story named The duel - the inventors awaken.We had to read the book and when we were finish reading it we had to think the questions and wright it on this QAR.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

A poor shot

LI: We learnt what a narrative is.I learnt that a narrative is a fictional story and is not true.We had to get in a figure of 8 and tell the person next to you what do you think is a narrative.After that we one of us will write what we think is a narrative.

Friday, 5 May 2017

The Lorax

LI:To identify parts of Responsibility,Connection and Causation.I learnt to identify Responsibility,Causation and Connection  from a book called the Lorax we had to find the Responsibility in the story and the causation also the connection.We had to buddy up with someone i budded up with Sila my friend and we were talking to each other about what we were learning. We wrote some sentences and put it on our “The Lifted Lorax.”

Measurement Vocab

 LI: to find and make examples of words. For maths I had to make examples and find definitions for 26 geography maths words it was due on Friday May 5th. We had to find a site and get the glossary from it. I used Coolmath and more.