Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Te Huarere

LI: to find out different meanings and search up different places.

This week for Maori we were talking about the weather and different places in NZ and meanings of Maori word. We were talking about Te Huahere (Weather). We had to find pictures about what the waether was like on the week days.

Kiwi Can

LI: To respect our school.

This week for Kiwi Can we were talking about respecting our school. We were first talking about breaking the rules and why we do it. Sometimes we can break the rules when we are bored, have nothing to do or more. I break the rules sometimes in the classroom but not all the time.

Our energiser was called " Centre Ball " Miss Paige made it up. So we make a circle, and Miss Paige numbers us 1-4. When our number is called then we run around the circle clock wise and when we get back to our spot we need to try get the ball first but do diving. We did this to see if we listen to the rules and if we break them. Some people were still diving and that meant some of us were breaking the rules.

Our activity was called Bus Stop. We had to split into different groups and write down what is shown on the board then copy it down on  the paper we had got given.  Mr Matt or Miss Paige picks a letter and we write down anything connected to the topic and a word that starts with the letter chosen.

After that we all talked about respect and what respect is. Then we all said " 1 2 3, 1 2 3 KC Shoo".

Friday, 26 October 2018


Today I commented on Alayah's Blog.


Today I was practising how to type fast on

I had to put my fingers on the keys and look at the screen. I had to try be as fast as I can


We had to practise our Multiplication and Division on a website called Prototec. This is one of our can dos.


LI: To show people how to use different strategies.

This week we had to create a dlo showing different strategies of multiplication.  I wrote down how to do that strategy. First we had to work with Mr O to see what multiplication is and how to solve a multiplication equation.
Link for DLO

Maori | Remember that November | Parihaka | Taranaki

This week for Maori Whaia Ode read us a book called Remember that November. It was about Guy Fawkes and how he died. Guys fawkes was man that him and other people planned to kill the king because the rules weren't fair. This was on November the 5th. 

Then we used google mapes to search up Parihaka and Taranaki.

Recreating Recount | Paragraph Structure

LI: to correct certain structure and language features in a recount.
LI: to evaluate writing samples using the PBS writing rubric.

This week for writing we were talking about different structure and language features in our groups. My Group did paragraph structure. We had to remake a paragraph from a recount that didn't make sense. We had to see if the paragraph structure was in order of TEE. T stands for Topic Sentence, E stands for explain and the last E stands for Ending.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

WW1 | M.A.I.N

LI: To learn the M.A.I.N causes of WW1. 

This week for inquiry we had did another slide. This one was talking about the causes of WW1 with an acronim M.A.I.N. M stands for Militarism which means A belief that you need to spend a lot of money on defense and to build up a military
is a belief that a strong military force should be maintained and used aggressively to defend or promote national interests. A stands for Alliance which means a relationship in which people agree to work together. A union between people, groups, countries, etc. I stands for Imperialism which is the practice of a larger country or government growing stronger by taking over poorer or weaker countries that have important resources. N stands for Nationalism It is also called patriotism. In the modern world, many citizens are very loyal to their country or to their ethnic group. We had watched three videos talking about M.A.I.N and what it means.

Smart Media: Media is a Construction

LI: To identify gimmicks used to attract and persuade people to purchase products.

We had to finish off our Smart media. We were looking at the media construction for co co crunch cereal. We had to tell the purpose of the media and more. We looked at Who created the media product, the purpose and what assumptions or beliefs do its creators have that are reflected in the content.

Kiwisport | Boxing

LI: To learn how to box for safety and defense. 

This week for kiwisport we have been doing boxing. Our coach was Pax Patel. She first told us how she became into boxing and she told us that whenever you are in that ring you need to be confident and give your 100% on the ring and also in training. How she won her boxing games was because she turned up to training all the time and gave her all. 

Pax gave us 3 Commandments, they are

I will have respect for myself, my coach, my peers and the sport of boxing. 

I will have the discipline to turn upto every boxing session and give my 100%. 

I will not cause harm to others and only practise boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach. 

So first we put the boxing gloves on but before that we had put on the liners, it holds the sweat in it since you can't wash a boxing gloves but you can wash liners. 

First we had learnt our stance, your stance is vital in boxing. Your stance holds your body and keeps you from tumbling over. We had called our stance a ROCK. We called it a rock because rocks don't move. So we had to pretend that we were on a train track, we put our right leg back a step and lossend gravity. By doing that we had just dropped a bit and bend our knees. 

Our gloves had to touch our cheeks and our elbows protect our belly. 

Then we had learnt the punches. They were Jab & Cross. Jab is with your left hand it is straight out. Cross is right hand, straight out, turn hips, and your right heal lifts up. We had to practise each of them. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Painted Hoe: Conflict and Resolution

LI: To analyse a story for its conflict and resolution.

This week we read another story called painted hoe. It was about how in the old days when the Europeans first came to NZ days before they arrived there were many many wakas. There were different types of waka. Some could hold up to 200 people and some were used to carry warriors for battles. We had to find the conflict and resolution. It was very hard because it was a non-fiction story. The conflict was about how the Europeans wanted Aotearoa but the Maori people refused, so they both had war.

I think this story connects with The Tree Hut Treaty. It is about two neighbors that work together to make a treehut so each of them can go in. Other people started to want to go inside the tree hut too so the neighbors made a treaty for other people and themsleves to respect the tree hut.

Friday, 19 October 2018


Today I commented on Sakinas Blog. She was talking about WW1. 


Today I was practising how to type fast on

I had to put my fingers on the keys and look at the screen. I had to try be as fast as I can.


We had to practise our Multiplication and Division on a website called Prototec. This is one of our can dos. 

Co-Co Crunch Cereal Web

This week we had played a game called Co-Co Crunch Cereal. We had to try design an advertisement for a cereal box. It wasn't real. We had to just do 5 things like the background, the slogan, the tiki, and more. 

Peace | World War 1

For Inquiry this week we have been learning about World war 1, And how World war 1 got officially ended. We had to work in partners for this task but we got into little groups to to find out what Central powers , Triple Entente,Lusitania,Zimmerman Telegram,Treaty of Versailles,14 points and league of nations were. We read some articles to help us out have a idea of what 7 topics mean and what they to world war 1. After we have finished Illustrated Vocabulary we had to move on starting with our timeline. We had a link to a article witch has dates to put the timelines into the right order with the right years.

Sky Tower Recount Mock Test

LI: To write a recount about having a trip to the sky tower. 

This week we had a mock test. We had to write a recount about our trip to the sky tower. It was like a pre test. We were getting ready for our test this term. We had to use the structure TREE. Title, Reveal, Events, and Ending. We had 40 minutes like a normal test. When we were finished we had to look at what rubric we were. I am R3 for punctuation. 

How to do Statistics

LI: To teach people how to make a graph.

This week people from Mr Ogilvies had to make activities for other people.We had to go on a google form and choose which topic in maths this week we struggle on the most or need help with. I chose Statistics. Talking with Mr O I found out some cool facts about it. Our Must do was to create an activity fro people to show them how to make a graph.

 So there is the labels. The labels show the person the amount of something and the label for the choices. The labels are vital when you are making a graph.The Title is for telling the person about what your graph is about.  

The Y-axis and X-axis is the form of making the graph. It looks like an L. The Y axis goes vertical and the X axis goes horizontal. The Y axis starts from the left side and the X axis starts on the bottom of it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Conflict and resolution | Sparks

LI: To analyse a story for it's conflict and resolutions.

There is a book called Sons of Ma'afu I think that it has some connection with the story. The villagers wanted to make the Ma'afutoka and Ma'afulele leave the village but the chief was backing them up but had to agree with the villagers.

Conflict is a disagreement/arguement and a fight between people or groups.
Resolution is changing the conflict to something good and ending the story.

This week we read a story called Sparks. We had to analyse the story for the conflict and resolution.