Thursday, 28 March 2019

Recount Edit

LI: To revise and edit a recount.

This week we had an option write about a memorable Kiwi Can session, A Music session with Whea Ode or a Ki O Rahi session with Coach Shanise. We had to pair up with someone from our group. We had 40 minutes to create a recount about one of the three options. After the 40 minutes we had to share our piece of writing to our partner and they need to try make our recount better even if it is the best. However much changes we had that it how much points we have. If there is any other additional changes it is 1-5 points. My partner was Oscar and out of me and him I won.
 Oscars Points : 24 points - For the amount of changes made

  • 1 point for adding an adverb
  • 2 points for making the word said more interesting

27 points in total

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