Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Co Operation | Kiwi Can

LI: To co operate with one another.

Co-Operation is when you share your ideas or particapate with your team or group, Positive Relationships is when you make new friends with other people.


This week our enigiser was called  Opposite. Ms Paige had to say something like move forward and we had to do the oppposite of it, If she says hands up we put our hands down. This linked to active listening. I won for the two times we played this.


Next we had our Activity. Our activity was called command and conquer. There were 4 teams. Ther was a leaders each round. So Mrs Mack will say leaders come up and she tells the leader what to tell the group for example if Mrs Mack tell the leaders that the girls have to do 10 star jumps and the boys do 10 sit ups, the leader has to tell the team and the first to finish wins. My group won with 3 points.  This linked to communication and co operation.

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