Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kiwi Can

Today we did Kiwi Can with Ms Latoya. First we were going over what is respect and how we should respect other people that have different cultures so like if you have someone touring and they are Samoan then you can say Talofa Lava so they can feel comfortable. We were talking about this in our groups then we all had to give our results to Ms Latoya. Then we had to be put into teams. After that we had an object and with that object we had to try make it into something else. For example - A bean bag can be a Frisbee, Also it can be a Pancake but square shape. So we needed to open our imagination. Each group had a turn to make the object into something else. Each group had interesting Ideas! After that we played buddy up buddy down. This is how you play the game. So we have to buddy up then with our partner we make a circle so one of your partner is inside the circle and the other on the outside. If Ms Latoya says "Buddy up" then you and your partner has to swap places. Then Ms Latoya says Buddy Right the the partner on the outside circle has to run around the circle then try run as fast as they can to get back to their place then same with the left side if Ms Latoya says Buddy Left. This took us until morning break. As always after our session we all say " Kiwi Can says, Kiwi Can says, KC Shoo!"

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