Thursday, 30 November 2017

Decide My flip

LI: To design a conduct a statistical survey. This week Mr Wong's maths groups did Decide my flip. So we partnered up with someone and I partnered up with Nyjah. We had to see if a wheel decide is random or not random, so I had spanned the wheel decide 150 times and the labels were Heads and Tails. Nyjah had to do 150 coin flips. We had to make a Graph and and sum up all the data. For the Heads and Tails coin flip they both added up to 2160 also for the Heads and Tails Wheel Decide. When we and Nyjah did our graph the data for the coin flip Tails was, 49.7% and fro the heads it was 50.3%. Our Wheel decide data for the tails was 50.1% and the heads was 49.9%. When we all finished we all added up our data and made a Graph.

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