Thursday, 9 November 2017

Badminton With Kevin!

Today for badminton we were learning how to do rely's with our partner but before we got started we wanted to warm up so we played a game called Infinity Tag. It was a good warm up. But when we got started we had to pick a partner and our partner has to hit the shuttle to you and then you have to hit the shuttle back to your partner and then you repeat and repeat then swap the repeat again. My partner was Charlize.  After we did that we had to do back hand grip to back hand grip with our partner. Me and Charlize had our highest score it was 7. It wasn't much but we managed. After we did Rely's with our partner. Our partner had to throw the shuttle to us and we had to hit back to them. we had to count the throws. When your partner has threw the shuttle to you 5 times you have to swap again and repeat . Me and my partner had our high score which was 30 or 35.

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