Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can we only had Mrs Latoya as our kiwi can teacher.  We went inside the room to do Kiwi Can we got into numbers 1 all the way to 4. The first game we played was called stinky socks we had hula hoops. Mrs Latoya has to have a beat. When her beat stops and she call's out a number when she said her number we all have to make that number in  one hula hoop using our feet. If we have the amount over the number she called out then all of us who were in that hula hoop is out.  After that we sat back down. Mrs Latoyah was talking to us and saying what and how was respect included in that game then we played another game that game we played   it was about we need to throw the bean bag to someone in you team then they need to tag someone else that is not in your team. After that we all sat down and did G.K.Q then we headed back off to class

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