Thursday, 16 November 2017

Kiwi Can

Today for kiwi can we were doing Respect. We played a game called Flip it. When we first started our session at kiwi can we had been put into groups and all of our groups had to speak to each-other about ourselves. After we did that we played another game which we had to role around like an egg then try tag other people if you get tagged from someone,anyone you need to bob down and bob around so your a kiwi and if someone tags you again you turn back into a egg. After we did that we had played a game called flip it. Flip it is Volcanoes and Valleys but different name. So there were two groups each group had to try make the cones become valleys or volcanoes depending on which group you are in. So my group was trying to make volcanoes which was trying to flip the cone up like a volcano and then the other group flips the cone upside down.

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