Friday, 24 November 2017

Panmure Bridge School Athletics Day 2017

Today the whole of P.B.S had did athletics. We didn't to the real athletics fro example like we didn't have a track to run on and we had fun games to play with hosted by students from Tamaki College.  I was in the year 4 group and my color was yellow. The colors were Yellow, Blue, Green and also Red. Each year group had a color out of those 4 colors.
This is some of the year 4 students playing Life Saving. The person who gets the last bean bag wins or if there is 2 people competing there has to be only 1 bean bag and if one of them gets the last they win. 
This is Year 5's playing Spoon and Egg. You need to have a egg on your spoon (It is not a real egg) then you have to go threw the obstacle course. If you dropped you egg you have to stand where you are for 5 seconds. If you are at the end you need to put one leg up and count to ten with the spoon and egg on it holding it also. The first group to sit down is the winner.
This is the Year 1's playing Wet Sponge Hurdle.

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