Thursday, 16 November 2017

Graham Hill

                  Graham Hill

Main Idea: The main Idea was you can have less space  more happiness. Graham hill made more space than he had before. Graham Hill is trying to persuade us to have more space in our homes so we can be happy with our space and you don’t have to tired of the full space you have in your home. Graham hill is talking about how you don’t need so much space for your clothes maybe even some of your clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit so you can throw it away,it is creating more and more SPACE! He gave us an example of his home. He has a sofa but his sofa turns into his bed and his coffee table is small but it can turn into a dinner table. He has a blank wall but he his wall can turn into his TV. Behind his Wall is a little space for his guests to sleep.  He said “So you think with all this extra space we have plenty of room for all our stuff right. Nope.”

Rhetorical Question: Did you know we americans have three times the amount of space we had 50 years ago?

How this was a good speech to me: This was a good speech to me because he is so right. He is right because you might have lots of space then you just add and add more to your space then you lead to lots of debt and Stress. It can make your space turn into a place of dump. Also when you have old clothes but you still hold onto it but you don’t need it. If you have things you don’t need then throw it away.

LI: To understand how to deliver a speech.
I learnt that we don't need to use up lots of space in our homes when it come to our clothes, shoes you name it. I learnt this by watching a video of Graham Hill making a speech about less stuff more happiness.This week fro writing we are doing speeches. Each person from each group gets to choose which speech they want to watch from some people who made great speeches. The speeches were helping us have an idea of how to make our speeches.

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