Thursday, 30 November 2017


LI: To Learn how to serve with a back hand serve and a front hand serve at the same time.  Today we had a Badminton as our kiwi sport. Like always we start out our session with kiwi Sport with a warm up which was Octopus. We played three rounds of Octopus. After we finished with our warm up game we had to do the back hand serve and the forehand serve. So our partner throws the shuttle to us the we start off with a back hand grip then end up making it into a forehand. We did that with our partner. Then we had been doing reli's with other people so instead of you and your partner paired up playing at the same time one person each does that instead of 2. If we get up to 1 and the other person got 0 then the person with 1 score wins that round then another person comes up then repetition. Finally we were finished and we all sat down and Kevin our Instructor told us to line up getting ready to go back to the class room then Group B comes to Kiwi Sport.

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