Thursday, 30 August 2018

Swimming | YMCA

This week for swimming we learnt about how to use a life jacket in the water. 

First we learnt how to do  the safe entry in water. So first you put one arm across yourself and hold you life jacket and get your other hand and hold your nose and cover your mouth with your hand. They do that so when you have a cold shock your heat in your torsoe doesn't spread everywhere in your body in the water and you hold your life jacket so you don't get stangled.

When you are cold and there is a bunch of you in the water you guys have to huddle up and put your arms underneath the person next to you under arm. You should also make a circle around people who are hurt in the water or cold. Other people who are cold go in the middle to stay warm. 

When you are in deep sea and there is other people around you you guys need to make a chain if you want to stick together. You have to hold the other person in front of you shoulder and the other person hold the chain has to move around to try find somehwere safer. 

When you are using a life jacket in the water then you should suggest to swim on your back then your front because it is easier and you could scull to safety. 

When you are in the water and you need to get to safety immediatrly you shout HELP! And raise your hand up straight don't wiggle it. HELP stands for Heat escape lessoning position.

You should always puta life jacket on before you go in deep water or when a boat or soemthing on water is sinking so you can float and not drown.

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