Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Kiwi Can

LI: To try solve a problem that is hard to solve.

This week for Kiwi Can we talked about problem solving. Our theme was resilience and our topic was problem solving. Mr Matt asked us some questions they were about if you get shy to say something you can't say or is wrong then someone with tease you and call you dumb and stupid. Almost all of us could relate ot that, even Mr Matt feel that way.

Then we had gotten into our enegiser. Our enigiser was called emergency. There was 8 hula hoops presenting as lily pads. We had gotten into 2 teams, Team 1 and Team 2. It was like hopscotch but the hula hoops had a curve. when you start you straight away try to jump in as many hula hoops as you can to get to the other side to get one point, but it isn't that easy. The other team does it too so when you guys are facing each other in the lilly pads ( hula hoops ) then you guys have to play rock paper scissors shoot, but the only way to continue is to win the rock paper scissor shoot challenge. If you loose then the other person next after you has to immediatly jump in the hula hoops as far as they can before the other person and if they are faicng eachother they play a challenge of rock paper scissors shoot. The winning team was Team 2!

Our activity was called Mat Dodge. Mr Matt will number us 1-4.  If Ms Matt says your number then everyone that is that number has to go in the middle and every one has to try hit them and the people surrounding them with the ball has to try hit them out. Then all the winners had to go in the middle. The ones winner was supported by the number 1. The number 2 winner was supported by the number 2. The number 3 winner was supported by the number 3 . The number 4 winner was supported by the number 4. The winner was Chris, he was in the number 2 group. 

Then after that we played a game of GKQ ( General Knowledge Questions ). We played Master GKQ. I started first then a lost to Oscar. The master of GKQ was Liletina but the person who won against almost every person but had gotten beaten by Juel was Chris. 

At the end we all said " Thank You Kiwi Can 1,2,3 1,2,3 K C SHOO!". Then Mr Matt did our scores it was all 5 which added up to 25. 

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