Friday, 31 August 2018

Lac Long Quan

LI: To find out information about a certain topic. 
This week for reading I had to pick another story. I pick Lac Long Quan from Vietnam. I had to tell other people what the purpose was for Lac Long Quan. I had to do a summary about what I think it was about. Here is some information. 

This story is about the king of vietnam that was part dragon. He would let nothing harm vietnam. He battled all sorts of monsters. When anyone in vietnam needs help all they have to call is “Father!” then Lac Long Quan was on his way. Lac Long quan had found a beautiful mountain fairy that he had married. Her name was Au Co. They had 100 sons. They split their sons and took them to teach them their ways to save the world.
Lac Long Quan (AKA) Hùng Vương II was the king of Vietnam in 2793 BC. He is the dragon king. Lac Long Quan was afraid of nothing and no one. Lac Long Quan let’s nothing harm his beloved Vietnam.

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  1. Hi fau. I really enjoyed reading you blurb. I have done a DLO like yours not so long ago. I think you should put more interesting words in you DLO. Keep up the good work.