Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Kiwi Can | Resilience | Goal Setting

LI: To make a goal and strive to achieve. This week  LS1 Group A had a session with Kiwi Can. Our Kiwi Can leaders were Mr Matt, and Mr Latu. We first went over the things we did last week. We sat in 4 lines. We talked about what is goal setting. Then we talked about how we show resilience. Our enigizer was tag snatch. We had to get a tag from Mr Matt and put it in our pockets but don't put it right in your pocket because if we do then that is cheating. The winner was Alizai. Then we went into a circle and talked about what what our goals were in the circle. We then talked about how can we achieve our goals. After that we had our Activity. Our activity was called ball trouble. We had to get into pairs boy and girl. We had to set a goal. Then we had been put in two teams with our pair. We had to try get the ball from one end to another. We had to do this in our pair but without using our hands. We had to put it on our backs.  Before you want to achieve your goal you have to make a plan.

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