Wednesday, 16 January 2019

DAY 3: Taking Flight | Activity 1: Bird of the Year! [4 points]

This is the bird I chose for this activity. This bird is called Little Penguin (Kororā). This bird is mostly found on the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand. In Australia this bird is known by fairy penguins because of the size. Little penguins can eat about 25% of their body weight (approx. 250g) of small fish daily such as Barracouta, Anchovies, Red Cod, Pilchards and squid. Like those of all penguins, the little penguin's wings have developed into flippers used for swimming. The little penguin typically grows to between 30 and 33 cm (12 and 13 in) tall and usually weighs about 1.5 kg on average (3.3 lb). Like most seabirds, they have a long lifespan. The average for the species is 6.5 years, but flipper ringing experiments show in very exceptional cases up to 25 years in captivity. 

This image is from flickr created by  dilettantiquity 
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Little Penguin, Perth Zoo | by Miss Dilettante


  1. Hello Fau! I love penguins, and this post caught my eye. It was really interesting the information you found and attribution you provided with the photo which I really liked. The little penguin was very cute. What is one of your favourite animals? Keep it up!

  2. Kia Ora Fau,

    My name is Araura and I am from Wesley Primary School, I am also taking part in the SLJ.

    First off all congrats on this amazing post,

    I love how you wrote alot of facts about the penguin like it's body size,Where it lives,thier Life span and more!

    I also love how you added this site/name to where you got the picture from.

    Anyways keep up the amazing work.

    Blog you later Bye 😀


  3. Hi Fau,

    I've saved your best post for last! Thanks for attributing the image, it's a really cool one. They're really cute aren't they?

    I think the diet of the penguin is the diet I would like to have! I used to dislike anchovies but I am certainly coming around on them.

    See if you can finish off the SLJ with a post or two today!

    Take care
    - Lee