Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Activity 2: Flying Foxes [4 points]

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If I could have a super power it would be to have anything I want so if I say " I want new books" it would be right there. I'd like to have this superpower because you could have anything you would want and it would be right there. Flying foxes usually sleep during the day and hunt for food at night, using their ears to guide them through the darkness. Like other bats, they have the best hearing of any mammal. It is their ‘superpower.’


  1. Hi there Fau,

    Amazing post! I'd never really considered that superpower before, but it's kind of the best thing, right? Just wanting something and then it's right there. Do you think there'd be any downside of that?

    Flying foxes are quite amazing creatures. I'm not sure if I've seen one, but I've seen bats. I'll let you in on a secret - they smell!

    Talk to you soon Fau!
    - Lee

  2. Hi Fau,
    That is a very cool superpower that I would absolutely love to have. Having things magically appear right in front of you is awesome. You seem like a very creative person that has lots of ideas! Ka Pai!

    I like how you also talked about bats and their sensitive hearing superpower, because people will know why you are doing this activity. Did you know that the flying foxes wingspan can reach up to 2 meters?!!!!

    Next time you could increase the font size so it is easier to read.

    Happy Blogging
    Gargee HPS

  3. Greetings Fau,

    My name is Araura and I am from Wesley Primary School, I am also taking part in the SLJ.

    First of all Congrats on this amazing post.

    Isn't that kinda weird that they yous thier ears to glide through the night. I would have thought they had super vision in thier eyes.

    That great they they have good hearing wouldn't you think.

    Anyways great job! Bye 😀

    Thanks Araura

  4. Hello Fau! Very well done on this activity. Your chosen superpower sounds wise and useful. I also think once you have everything, there becomes nothing to want and fight for anymore which is meaningless. If I had your superpower I'd like to give back somehow. What would you ask for to benefit the world and not just yourself? Keep it up!

  5. Hi Fau!
    Its great to see that you are catching up on the SLJ. I like your choice of superpower. I think having the superpower of getting anything you want is very different and creative. Well done of completing this activity.
    Keep it up!

  6. Hi Fau...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work