Thursday, 6 September 2018

Swimming | Sculling

LI: To learn different techniques of swimming. 

To get into the pool we had to do the safe entry. 

First we did sculling on our back head first with a pool noodle. We took turns doing it from the platform and back. Then we did feet first sculling. It was alot harder than head first sculling. We had to scull fowards not backwards. It was very diffucult but our instructor Maryanne said that it was okay if we don't get it because you won't get it on the first try. 

Next we had treading. We had to move both of our legs in big circles in a sitting position one hand doing the sculling motion and the other hand up. 

Next we did diving. We did a seated dive. We had to bob and put our arms tucked behind our ears, and just go in the water from you position. We had to go deep in the water. 

Then we did a safe jump into the pool. We had to bend our knees and jump in. 

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