Friday, 1 June 2018

Site review

LI: To Summarise a text using keywords. This week for reading we had to read this site which talked about the human digestive system. We had to make a review about what we think about the site. This is what I said - "So I think this is a really good site, you could find out more about the human digestive system and the organs included. People who read this site and is on a high level  might get a pretty clear definition about the digestive system.

I have been using this site for more information about the digestive system and it is really helping me. This site is really good it just doesn’t talk about the main parts of the human digestive system it also talks about the other parts like your Liver, Pancreas, Salivary Glands, and rectum. When you read this it gives you a lot of information but this site is not for all levels of reading. Even though you already know the digestive system you might learn a lot more. For example the appendix, doctors used to think that the appendix was just one small piece but actually the appendix stores bacteria, not just any bacteria good bacteria, I have got this fact from the site. This site also gives fun facts about the organs too like how the small intestine has about 5 million tiny villi."

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