Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can we were talking about Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity. Our enigiser for the day was shark attack. There was 4 hula hoops scattered oh the mat, 2 people will be the sharks they will hold the swimming noodles. They had to try hit people with it when Ms Lily say's ''SHARK ATTACK!", we all had to put our whole bodies in the hula hoops. If we get tagged we are out, we have to sit on the side and watch the game. We first had a practise round then we had a real game. REALZIES! After that we all had to sit down into 4 lines and Ms Lily will give us questions about what is accountibility and why we have to be responsible. We then had our Activity. It was called hand soccer we had to get into 2 even groups that had 12 people in each, there were 2 goals. We all had to number ourselves 1 to 12. Ms lily will say no.7 so number seven will go but they can only use one hand no feet. Then Ms lily changed to 2 numbers that is like 12 and 11. My team won because the other team was cheating so we automatically won. After that we talked about how we showed responsibility and honesty during our activity. Then we did our points. We had got 18 points. We need to work on Respect, Positive attitude and more. Mr Johnson came to join us. and watch our session at kiwi can. 

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