Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Advantages in Retail Shopping

This week for cybersmart we were learning about the advanteges of retail shopping. Advantage means like a good point. We had to work in groups to find the advantages in shopping in retail. We had to use a padlet to write it all down here is some that was written: You can see if the quality is good or not./if the thing says what it is not then you can get your money
back /If you are looking at one thing that you don't like you can go and look at something else .
You can get somehing instead of the one./You can see  if the food is expired or overdue. /You can ask the shop keeper if you could maybe get a discount on the product you want to buy. / Customers might not know if the product is worth the money. That was some of the things that we wrote down. 

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