Friday, 15 June 2018

Lattice and Japanese methods

LI: To learn new strategies for maths equation. This week for maths we had to learn how to use the Lattice and Japanese method. This is how you use them. This is the lattice method in solving maths equations. You have to make a square box with 9 squares in it like this. Then you have to put the multiply symbol on the top right box. Then under it is 2 more boxes. For example my equation is 43 x 33, I put my 33 under the multiply symbol boxes, I put my 3 that is ten right under the multiply symbol box, then I put my 3 that is a one under the tens box.  Then I put my 4 and 3 which is the 43 on the left side of the multiply symbol. The 4 goes on the top left then the 3 goes right next to the multiply symbol. Then you add the lines going right across each box diagonally except the boxes with the maths problems in them. Then you multiply 3 to 3 which equals 9, if there is no ten then you add a zero on top and you keep repeating if there is no ten with the answer. After you did 3 x 3 you move on to the 4 x 3 and 4 x 3. Since it is 12 it has a ten you put the 1 on top instead of the zero and put the one underneath like this. Then you add it up, you have to add the numbers that are in the diagonal direction start off with the 9 all the way at the end then move to the 2 + 9 + 0 equals 11 so you move the 10 out of the 11 to the left so it is one. Then 1 + 2 + 0 and also plus the one from the right side that was coming to the left equals 4 then the final number 1 right on top, they all are 1419 that is the answer.This is how you use the japanese method, for example 28 x 23, you make 2 lines diagonally and 8 lines diagonally across from the 2 lines then for the 23 you put 2 lines going through the 2 and 8 lines and 3 lines on top. Then you circle the sides and count how many like edges there are. Then if the number is over 10 then you take away the first number and move it to the left to add to what it has for example, on one of the sides there was 24 dots that I made and  I moved the 2 to the left to add to the middle circles that were 22 so I did the same moved the first number to the left to add to what was there , and the 2 that I moved from the first circle is added to the other 2 in the middle making 4. Now the 2 from the 22 is moved to the left which had 4 edges and I added it making 6 and the answer was 644

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