Thursday, 7 June 2018

Kiwi Sport - Rippa Rugby

Today for kiwisport we first had to play any direction, we all put our belts on and our rips.If you get ripped you have to sides pass or backwards pass but if you have two rips you can forwards pass. After that we had to practise side stepping, their were 3 groups and 1 person form each group had to be stuck in the mud, the people that isn't stuck in the mud had to side step the perosn and they had to try rip the rippas the person stepping. After that we had to do hit and spin, it was ike side stepping but we had to pretend that we are going one direction but we step and spin the other way. You have to try not get ripped, each person had a trun being stuck in the mud. After that we played another game of any direction, but we had to try use those stepping skills. After that we had toget into two and Hamish will number us, after that we had to line up and when we do when hamish says our number we had to run behind the line and get the or if our tean doesnt get the ball then we have to try rip the other teams rip with the ball but the person with the ball had to try side step and score. After that hamish started to say 2 or 3 numbers from each team. After that we had to put our belts and rips away and we headed back to LS1. 

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