Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Sport Rippa Rugby

Today for Kiwi Sport we first started with rippa rush, during rippa rush we had to use the Skills Hamish taught us on our last session of Kiwi Sport, which was about side stepping. After that Hamish was talking to us about what we need to work on.Hamish numbered us in numbers no.1, no.2, no.3. Then we played a game sort of like Rippa rush but we had to get into 3 group one group was resting and the other 2 playing. One group was running and another group was defending. The running group had to run to the other siude of the court without getting ripped. If multipled people  get over an only a few got ripped then the team gets one point. The defending team had to try defend the other team to make them not go the other side so they had to make a plan. They had to try make a wall so the running team can find it hard to get to the other side.After that we played an actual rippa game. We had to use the wall skills so it is hard for the other team to score. We had to tap and pass. We stayed in our 3 groups when we were playing.


  1. Hello Fau.
    I have also done kiwi sport with group A too. Did you know how to play rippa rugby before you played. Nice work and keep it up.

  2. Malo lelei Fau
    I have done a simillar Rippa rugby blog post as you. You have a lot of explaining based on what we did in kiwi sport and what skills did we do. Did yu know side stepping skills before you played Rippa rugby? Keep up the good work