Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for kiwi Can we learnt a new topic accountability. Accountability is Being honest and being responsible. First we played Copy me for our energiser. we played it differently we used cards to play if our group gets a card that says 3 we have to do 15 secs of fornite dances. The first group with the most cards win. After that we were talking about what do we think accountability means. Then we played another game called buddy move we had to get a partner and one partner is in front and the other at the back we all had to do it in the circle. We numbered ourselves from 1 and 2. 1 stands in the inside of the circle and 2 stands out side. When Mr Matt or miss lily says apple your partner on the outside has to crawl under the persons in the insides leg. If they say orange the person standing on the outside had to speed walk around the circle and the last person that just gets to their partner after speed walking is out. We played elimination. Banana is swapping so the person on the out side of the circle goes in side and the perosn in the inside of the circle is outside. Watermelon is when the person on the outside of the circle has to piggy bank of the person on the insides back. After that we played a quick game of GKQ master. It started off with Vayan and ended with me.GKQ master is when we have to vs other people with questions by walking around the circle. After that we went to class.

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