Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kiwi Can - Fun Week

Today for Kiwi Can we had Fun Week. Fun week is when you go to kiwi can you can just play games. We played a game where you have to have a amount of players for example 6 players each team. So  we first came to Kiwi Can we had been split into 2 teams, Bib Team and Non Bib team. I was in Non Bib Team. So some people from my group had to go up and play the game and some people from the other team had to come and play too. So this is how you play, If your team is in then that means you are the passing team so passing the ball around to your other teammates and your teammates have to try tag someone using the ball that is not in you team so the other team which is trying to run away from the ball. The next game was called Hit the cone. So in our team group we had to make a big circle and in the middle of the circle is someone from the other team and a cone. So we had to try knock down the cone and the person who is from the other team has to try defend the cone.  After we played another game so we had to make like a tower using objects you have been given and the height needs to be about your hip. When we have finished making our towers with our team, both teams had to try knock down each others tower so Bib team had to try knock down our tower and we had to try knock down the other teams tower. The team who knocks down the other teams tower the most wins that game. This took us all the way to morning tea.

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