Thursday, 14 December 2017


LI: To learn a new skill. Today for badminton group A learnt how to do trick. This trick was easy for me and a few people but for some other people it was quite hard for them. So I learnt this trick by putting the shuttle on the racket in the center then trying to balance the shuttle when we move the racket around an try to make the shuttle not come of. In the beginning we had to pick 2 games called Stuck in the mud, and Octopus. Victoria won the game octopus because she was the last one who didn't get tagged. After we played the games we learnt that trick then we did 1 on 1 on each court. After we did 1 on 1 we did 2 vs 2, so 2 vs 2 is when you find a partner on your court then you verse someone else on the court with their partner.  Today was our last session of Badminton. An awesome instructor Kevin taught us all those skills and the fun tricks. So at the end of badminton we all said thank you to Kevin for being our instructor fro Kiwi Sport then we all gave him applause.

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