Friday, 22 December 2017

Day 5: The dawn of new era - Bonus Activity - week one

If I could interwiew Bill Kini these are 4 questions I will tell him...

Q1: 'What made you win  a gold medal at the 1966 Commonwealth Games for being the best heavyweight boxer? Do you know?"

Q2: 'How did you become so talented?"

Q3: 'When you played rugby did you enjoy it?"

Q4: 'How could you play different sports at once? Was it hard?"


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  2. Hey there Fau, my name is Billy from the Summer learning Journey programme. It is wonderful to read your four questions that you have written to ask Bill Kini during an interview.
    I really like the way you've written your questions, with numbers, colons, speech marks and question marks. It makes it really easy to read, well done.

    I especially like question two which asks about how he became so talented. This is a good question because you would find out about all his hard work, training, upbringing etc.

    Great work and keep up the awesome blogging!

  3. Greetings there Fau,

    My name is Aletheia and I come from Tamaki Primary School and I am one of the students also doing the summer learning journey which is amazing because how I have already finished.

    I think you have did a great job on completing another task from the summer learning journey site and I think your 4 questions that you have written down for Bill is wonderful and amazing.

    I really enjoyed it when you had put down a Q that stranded for questions and then the number next to it so your readers can understand what are the four questions that you have written down.

    I think next time you need to add some imaged to make it look even more better for your readers to see how creative you are with blogging plus the images will help you to make your readers to read more because how some people don't really enjoy just reading text.