Thursday, 14 December 2017

Twas the night before christmas

Twas the night before christmas, when all through the house,
Sleeping and dreaming just like a mouse;
All was well until my sister fell
She dreamt of her wishes from a well

Mum sleeping like a calm tree
Dad sleeping with my sisters and me
Dreaming of large presents making us scream!
My cousins dreaming of my beautiful Nana with cold ice cream
With some chips and reduced cream.

I heard a big bang making me stir
I looked at a star,
Shockingly to see
Santa claus flying like a bee
On his surf board
Like there were a reward.
His board looking like a christmas party
With lots of candy,
He and his 4 adult cows.
Landing on my neighbours house
Seeing a big sack of great treats to see

I wonder if he gave me my dream
A big pack of squishies and slime super extreme
Do you think the slime made is sack be as sticky as toffee
Maybe it was not that easy?

Santa was wearing some goggles and flip flops with a swimming suit
Oh silly santa did he want some fruits?
His cows were wearing some paint that said ‘Merry Christmas to all’’
I was looking like a confused starfish so small.

After santa stopped at my neighbors
He landed in my front yard with lots of favours
He saw me peeking out the window
So he jumped in and put presents under the tree next to my pillow
He left without a goodbye but with a small sight and said this in delight…

LI: To rewrite the story Twas the night before christmas. Today we did writing. We had to rewrite the story twas the night before christmas in our own words. I learnt that some
authors write their stories with rythm. I learnt this by reading twas the night before
christmas and rewriting it.

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