Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Day 4: Hitting the note - Activity 2: Playing Games - Week one

The game I chose was Kio Rahi. The purpose of Kio Rahi is to outscore the opposition team.
The rules of this game is:
The team that has the Ki score points by touching the po, 
the team that doesn't have the Ki is trying to get the Ki and try hit or throw the Ki from the Te motu to the te wairua
A team is allowed to go in the Te Roto, Te ao , Te ara
The other team isn't allowed in the Te roto but only allowed in the Te ao
The points are called tupu manuwa
There are 2 teams they are called Taniwha, Kioma
Players in position must be moving with the Ki
They have 3-5 seconds to pass,shoot, or handover Ki
Players must gain position of the Ki from otehr zones aslong as their feet stays in legal zones
Player must not enter Te ara unless they are in Kioma, Kaitiaki, or guardian moving in  pawero or te ao
Taniwha may take jumpshots at the tupu aslong as the ball is released before they touch the ground
Some iwi play no entering other zones or penalties may accure
Kioma may not go through or over te ara to score
If a kioma player is tagged or flag is ripped in te roto trying to score then it is a handover
If kioma run into te roto they must run the ki into pawero or temotu to convert their po touches
No passing the Ki in or out of te roto otherwise a handover will accure

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  1. Hi Fau,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team! It's great to see you've been doing so well with these activities! Great work.

    This game is lots of fun! Have you ever played it before? I have but I wasn't very good at it. You have to be fast and sneaky to get past the other team and I had trouble doing that!
    You've explained it really well. Anyone who is reading this post will know enough rules to try playing it, I think!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over summer.