Thursday, 22 March 2018

Team Motto

LI: To make a motto for your team by using examples of different mottos. 
Today I had to work with my group to find our own motto for our emblem. We had to look at different mottos to see how mottos work. We used Bank mottos, Food Mottos, and Shop mottos. We all looked at our emblem and made our motto share it with the world because we all made our talents on our emblem so we could share our talents with everyone.TNS

'Our team motto is (Share it with the world)
This relates to our team and what our talent is. It is about our knowledge and what we do as a team. We combined our thoughts and put it together as a group. We put all our talents together in the circles that has the colours of our country and called it share it with the world so everyone can see our talents."

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