Thursday, 15 March 2018

Personal Recount

                     Art Intensive week
Last week was art intensive week for the whole school. LS1 Did pop art and used Andy Warhol for an example of what type of art we were gonna do. We had to do art for the whole entire week. We did the art in LS1. Art intensive week was for the whole school.

First we had to get into groups of three and in those groups of three we had to make a DLO about Andy Warhol. We had to do it on a Google Draw. We had to use the LS1 print design rules. We read some information about Andy Warhol and watched a video about him with his artwork. I worked with Charlize and Kaitlyn.

Next when we finished our Andy Warhol we had to get into the art. We had to get a image of ourselves that Mr Wong took of us and outline our face with a blue pen. So we had to mainly outline the black parts that show on the image of us. We had to outline our hair and face.

After we had to our image and outline our face again with a red pen but there has to be a specific piece of paper under it and when we do it again it will go on that piece of paper under our image. We had to make sure that we press hard with our red pen while we are tracing our face. We had to also make sure that everything we traced with blue pen has to be traced with red pen.

After that we had to get our pencil and put our image of ourselves on the window or door and trace our faces  on the back but moving our pencil side to side. We had to do it at the back of our image of us.

Finally when we were finished tracing with our red pen we had to take the paper under our image of our face and pastel every part that is shown white on our image of our face with a bright pastel colour. We had to make sure we don't go over the lines. Later we did painting. We had to paint every black part that has been shown on our image of our face with black paint. Then at the end our artwork was complete.

I felt really nervous when we were doing this because I felt like I was going to do a mistake while pasteling and tracing.  I thought I was going to go out of the lines while pasteling and while tracing I thought I was going to trace the wrong place or forget to trace some places on the image of me.

LI: To accurately use a range of simple complex and compound sentences. Today we had to make a recount about art week. We had to use complex and compound sentences. We used TREE to do our recount, Title, Reveal, Events, Ending. I learnt that a personal recount is about what happened to you and is in the past. I learnt this by making a recount with the purpose of sentences structure. I had to write the events in order, and for the reveal I had to do the 5 W's. At the end I had to do a personal reflection. A personal reflection is when you are saying how you felt and what you thought.

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