Thursday, 15 March 2018


LI: To practise softball skills. Today for Kiwi Sport we had had Ash. We played scatter ball to learn how to throw,catch, and also bat. We spit up into two even groups and one group was the batting team and the other was the fielding team. The batter have to be shoulder width apart with their feet and elbows up, small knuckles aligned on the bat and to put the bat on your shoulder that has you hand you write with.So for scatter ball we had to have a batting team and a fielding. First round of scatter ball the batters have to bat two balls and if the fielders get the ball and put it on the cones and the batters are still running around the bases then they have to stop at one of the bases and wait til the next batter runs so they can run. The second round the batter only had to hit one ball and the same to wait at the base for the other person comes and runs so you can run.

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