Friday, 9 March 2018

Pop Art

LI: To create a piece of art work related to pop art. Today we had to make our own self portrait with art. We had to go through a range of instructions to get our piece of art done. First we had to get an image of ourselves and outline our face with a blue pen.  After that we had to get our pencil and put our image of ourselves on the window or door and trace our faces  on the back but moving our pencil side to side. When I finished tracing myself I went to go show the teacher and they put a piece of white paper at the back of our image and outline ourselves again with a red pen and it will go onto the the piece of paper.  I didn't press hard enough that's why you can’t see. Finally I had to pastel the white parts that show on my face from the Image I had but not the black parts. AFter that when I finished I had to paint the parts that I didn’t pastel black. When I finished with that I left it to dry out and when it dried I vivid out my face and ears, hair.

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