Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Kiwi Can

LI: To give it a Go! 
Our topic for Kiwi Can was Leader and the themem was Positive relationships. Today for Kiwi Can LS1 group A had Kiwi Can with Mr Matt and Miss Lily. First we had our enigizer. Our enigizer was Rock, Paper, Scissors. We had to walk around and find a buddy then you have to play rock paper scissors and if you losse then you have to go behind the person you lose to and chant their name. The last person that challenges rock paper scissors with someone else they win. After that we were talking about how leadership had been envolved with our enigiser. Then we played charades. We had to make our people that was in our four lines our group fro charades. So Mr matt will have to take one person from each group outside and give us an action then we have to act it out infront of our group and  if they get the answer they win. After that we did GKQ. We played another round of charades becasue we had a lot of time left fro kiwi can.

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