Thursday, 1 March 2018

Kiwi Sport Soft Ball

LI: To learn how to Bat.I learned about how to bat and how to hold the bat. To bat we have to look at the ball instead of looking where we want the bat to go. Our feet has to be shoulder width apart. We have to put the bat on our shoulder that has the hand we write with.I learned by playing a game called Scatter ball. So there is a some people who is fielding and some other people were batting. Every person got a turn to bat and be a fielder. Everyone tried their best and some people could hit the ball with the bat pretty far but not far away. When you bat your two softballs you have to run around as many times as you can and try touch the bases before the fielders put the two balls you hit on the cones. You can hit the softballs far away so it can be more time for us to run around as many times as possible.

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