Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Day 3: The Great Depression (The 1930s) - Bonus Activity: Paying it Forward - Week 2: A Period of Change ( 1870-1950)

If I could travel back in time to visit a family what are some things I will like to Bring?

So I will bring some Jet planes, Crocodiles, Party pack, Sour Feijoa's , Choc Fish, Kit Kat, Potato Chips,  some clothes, and games to play on, also some rides like bikes and scooters.

These are some special treats I will bring to visit a family


  1. Oh my goodness, Fau. You certainly have a long list of fun foods and things that children would enjoy if you could take them back through time to the 1930's. My father was a little boy in the 1930's and he loved to play all kinds of sport. He also loved to swim and paddle around Lake Ontario, in Canada, in a canoe. He didn't have many toys to play with because his father had fought in World War I and was ill most of the time. My dad would have loved it if someone could have brought his some treat foods and a bike and scooter to play with!!!

    I hope you're having fun this summer! I think it's super that you're taking part in the Summer Learning Journey. Good for you! Keep up the good work!


  2. Morena Fau!

    Wow that is a long list! SOUR FEIJOA’S!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Your family would love those treats I’m sure!!! What is your favourite treat you enjoy?
    When I was at younger I would always stop at the dairy on my way to school to see what yummy treats I could buy! I always left with a bag of sour gummy worms. Delicious!

    Keep the posts coming!

    Cadence :)

  3. Hi Fau!

    Wow! So many treats - they will love that! I would take Whittaker's chocolate and pineapple lumps :)

    I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year break and have been enjoying time with your family and friends! Don't forget you still have lots of time to complete the Summer Learning Journey activities. We'd love to have you come back and blog with us when you get a chance!

    Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

    Nicky :)