Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Day 3: The Great Depression (The 1930s) - Activity 2: Offering a Helping Hand - Week 2: A period Of change (1870-1950)

So if I could help give people the food and clothes I will...

I will see if we could raise money by putting on a show of dancing or singing, or acting, that could give the money to buy food and clothes

We will save up some money that we have been given so we can buy food and clothes

We could do a 2$ or 1$ donation to help the fundraising and at the end of the day we could see how many money we have got and then save it then same for next day.


  1. Morena Fau!

    Thank you so much for sharing. It makes it so easy to follow your posts when you have the correct title, week and activity! You are a star with this and very consistent!

    Some great fundraising ideas. I love your idea of putting on a dance/show. I know lots of people love to watch talent shows.

    What are some fundraising programmes you have been part of? When I was younger I would also take part in the 40 hour famine and car washing. How about you?

    Keep the posts coming!

    Cadence :)

  2. Greetings There Fau , My name is LJ and I come from Tamaki Primary School . I love your Ideas for fundraising . You've made it very clear that you wanna give a big helping hand .

    I like your idea about having a dance/show to display everyone's talents . Everyone would love to see a talent show . Anything else you could think of that could help fundraise a lot? Like a bake sale ?

    Your Idea about saving up is a great idea so you can buy things that are important to you and your school . By the way , What was your biggest fundraiser ? . Anyways , Hope you have fun with the rest of the Summer Learning Journey . Good Luck !