Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Activity 2: Art Deco - Week 2 - Day 2: The Roaring 20’s (The 1920s)

So I had to rate a picture that is Art Deco and rate it 1 star = terrible painting, 2 stars = pretty bad painting, 3 stars = okay painting, 4 stars = good painting and 5 stars = amazing painting. I rate this 5 stars because when you look at it closer you see a woman on one side of the face then a man.

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  1. Kia Ora Fau!

    Another SLJ activity complete! I’m curious, where do you think the lady is driving to? Do you think she is in a rush?

    I like her car, it’s very fancy compared to my funny little car.
    I would give this painting a 5 too! I’d love to know what else you like about this painting.

    Keep up the great posts! Ka pai!

    Cadence :)