Thursday, 17 May 2018

Soccer Interschool

Yesterday was PBS Football/Soccer interschool. Everyone who signed up for soccer had to all be at school before 8:50. We all split up into different groups. One group was just the year 5/6 team. Then the seniors ( Yr 7/8 )  all had been either in PBS Red or PBS White. Whenever the year 7/8 people where playing a game then the year 5/6 people would rest and have some lunch and when the year 7/8 finishes their game the yr 5/6 people play. I was in the yr 5/6 team. We won 3 games. Our first game was against Pt england. We had 5 scores and they had 3. Our next game was against Panmure district they lost by 2 points. We had 4 they had 2. Then we had stonefields they won by 5 to 2. We played hard but sadly lost. Then we had St Pius X. We won by 3 nil. They had nil we had 3. we had a bye a bye is when you have a long as break. Then we tied against sylvia park we both had 1 to 1. After that we all hopped onto the bus and went back to school.

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