Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Kiwi Can

For Kiwi Can we first had to sit in a circle and rephrase what we learnt and what we did last week for Kiwi Can. Then we talked about how we could be good role models to other and who are the peole we look up to. Our Theme and topic for Kiwi Can was Integrity and Being a good role model. Then it was our enigizer, we all had to stand up and we played bang. First we had a practise the we went to realsiez, that is when we play the game for real. So someone had to stand in the middle and say a name and the perosons name was called had to bob down and the people beside the person had to say bang and shoot each other the last person to say bang it out or if someone else bobs down our says bang when they are not suppose to they are out and it saves the people. After that we talked about how did we show integrity during the game. Then we had our activity. We played tutti fruity. We all had to stand in a circle and face right. Then mr matt will say apple or orange or bannana or grape. Apple means we have to jump forwards, orange means we have to jump backwards, banana means we have to turn around, and finally grape means to bob down. We played 3 rounds of this. Mr matt kept making it harder and harder by say 4 fruits at a time or 5, 3, 6. After that the winners of the game had to do a story teller. They had to be back to back and the person who was in the middle had to say a story and the people back to back had to walk foward until the storyteller says the magic word and they both have to turn around and say bang to shoot eachother. The Last person is out. AFter that we talked about how we showed being good role models during the game. Then we had time to do GKQ.

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