Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi Sport -Rippa Rugby

This week for Kiwi Sport we all put our belts on and our rips and then we played Rippa rush. It is kind of like ball rush but we have to rip the rippa off the people to get them to be taggers. After that we did any direction passing. So there were 3 groups with 7 people in it. Two teams has to verse and the other has to watch. We all had to have either green or blue rips. The teams who were resting had to sit in the fale. After that we started to learn about how to backwards pass. The person with the ball has to take 2-3 steps then pass it to the perosn behind them and then repeat. We all took turn to backwards pass and after we all got the hang of it we could play any direction again. If you get ripped you have to sides pass or backwards pass but if you have two rips you can forwards pass. We played several rounds. After that we headed back to LS1.

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