Thursday, 22 February 2018

Kiwi Sport - Soft Ball

Today for kiwi sport we did soft ball with Allison. she was our coach that came from howick. We had a little warm up and that was just passing the ball to each other. So first we had to line up on the cones and find a buddy when we find a buddy we have to face each othe ron the cones and pass the soft ball to each other. We had to try aim the ball at our partners chest. the way we catch we make our hand like a butterfly. After that we had to learn the monkeydile. so we had to act like a monkey and stand like one and also our hands is like a crocodile. We did something like bowling. After that we added a crab to the monkeydile. so the crab represented us moving our feet to get the ball if it doesn't come to us. After that we did under arm throwing. We had to under arm throw the ball to our partner. After that we had under arm throw the ball to our partner ad they had to try clap as many times as they can. My highest clap was 10. Then we all said thank you to allison and we headed back to class.

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