Friday, 20 October 2017

Recount - The production

                                      The Production

It was panmure bridge school's 60th Anniversary. So by celebrating the 60th Anniversary we celebrated it by Dancing.We had a Dancing Instructor her name is Zoey.We had to split up into groups and each group had a different song to it.She taught us the Dances and we picked the music.There was different music we had to choose from. My group chose Whip Nae Nae  I expressed myself by Jumping up and down. I was really happy and surprised that we were doing a dance. Each time we went to practise the more better we got.When we first started practising we were on the ground but when we got better we practise performing on the stage and getting off the stage when we finished our performance.After each group did their dances we all came together on the stage and did the Harlem Shake then a mexican wave.

We did our dances at school in the hall.So our whole school got together to practice our dances because Mrs Burke was buying our costumes for our dances. We tried on the costumes that Mrs Burke has bought for us and we did our dances in the Costumes.Before the show we had got ready into our costumes and when our class was doing our performance we all were ready.

LI: To learn how to write a recount.I learnt that recounts are based on a true story and they happened to you. I learnt this by writing a recount about our Dance production.I think I should work on Punctuation and I think I was pretty good with my organisation.

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