Thursday, 26 October 2017


Today for Kiwi Sport we did Badminton it was a new sport for the classroom. Our instructor for Badminton was Kevin.First we did a warm up it was Stuck in the mud Kevin's way of playing Stuck in the mud is different to make people free instead of going under their legs we need to clap our hands in between their legs and tap their hand. After our warm up Kevin was teaching us our For grip and back grip. We need to hit the the shuttle with the racket using our hand we write with because it will make it easier.Kevin was telling us the things we were not allowed to do with the racket we aren't allowed to use it to play with and swing it around because we might hurt someone and we can't hit it on the ground because it might break and we might need to pay for it. Then we had to start using the Racket and shuttle and try hit the shuttle with the racket 10 or more times.Then Kevin challenged us and we had to do trick shot and competitions after when we wee used to hitting the shuttle  with the racket. After when we were almost finish with our session with Badminton we did a competition we had to if we could hit the shuttle the longest and if our shuttle falls down then we need to bob down and the last person remaining is the winner.The second round of that the three people who remained standing is supposed to compete each other too see who can hit the shuttle with the racket longest and the Winner was Matthew!

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