Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB Getwise Session

LI: To learn how to save money.

Jayden from ASB get wise came to our school to teach us about saving money. He came to talk to us about CASH goals. He taught that if you want to buy something make it realistic for you age. For example, if you want to by a car when your yr 4-5 you should keep it realistic so by something you can actually get. We learnt that if you want to by something you have to be clear, if you want to buy some shoes you need to keep it clear, what size, what colour, the price, and more. Keeping it clear is like making sure you get what you really want. To do that you have to take action. Get a job for yr 4-5. You could sell stuff like your old clothes or stuff you don't own like making pies, food and selling more, you could also do neighbourhood jobs like help cleaning the gardens.   When you get the money you need you save for the future to get more money by taking action. When you save you have to know how long it will take until you reach your goal to buy those shoes. So if you get 10 a week and you spend no money and your shoes are 100 dollars it will be 10 weeks until you have reached your goal. That is CASH goals.

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